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Pre-order lunch box is very convenient especially when you are busy with meetings and tight up with important task during working hours. Food delivery to your doorsteps with your preferred choices of menu can save your time to get your lunch, hassle free, and you can sit down and enjoy your meal in office. Meraki is a fuss-free gourmet lunchbox and their main delivery service are based in Kuala Lumpur. Meraki Kitchen has unique mouth watering menu from Asian Fusion, Brunch, Cina, Perancis, Greek and Mediterranean, Korea, Amerika Latin, Sandwic, Thai dan Vegetarian.

Meraki (or Μεράκι) is Greek in origin, refers to the soul, creativity and love put into something; which is the essence of oneself that is put into one’s work. This embodies the characteristic of the founders who aspire to be the embodiment of Meraki.

Each Meraki meal is made using fresh, locally-procured ingredients and cooked with love and passion. The food is MSG-free and prepared in a pork and alcohol-free facility. There are No minimum order. All orders are price at RM15 for a delicious lunchbox @ Meraki Kitchen with delivery charges applicable to some area.

You can check their FB page for different menu everyday. Only one menu is available daily. You can placed your order by 7pm the day before. All produce are sourced locally from halal certified vendors and All meals are estimated to be about 400-500 calories.
On time delivery with neat packaging. Comes with fork and spoon

Zen bowl
Zen Bowl is the signature dish @Meraki Kitchen. Lightly toasted chickpeas & edamame beans, with tofu, sautéed shiitake mushrooms, baked sweet potato, pan-seared chicken on a bed of multigrain rice . Topped off with the spicy lemongrass dressing. I love this healthy and nutritious combination of food. Colourful dish that is  delight to the palate. Highly recommended!

Thai Chicken Fajitas Bowl
Lots of sautéed bell peppers & onion, with Meraki in-house made Thai marinate grilled chicken with basil leaves + a refreshing mango slaw on a bed of multigrain-rice. 
Chicken Fajitas are a favourite for everyone with Thai twist of flavour. The chicken meat is marinated perfectly - tender and tasty. Hearty and  rich comfort food that makes you very filling. The refreshing mango is really appetizing.
Spicy Thai Soba Noodles 
Wholesome soba noodles tossed in a spicy Thai sauce paired with sautéed eggplants & mushrooms, topped with roasted peanuts and a side of grilled chicken. Soba noodles is one of my favourites. This version of Soba Noodles are loaded with flavour that you'll keep on wanting for more. Delicate and savoury grilled chicken. Yummy
Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl
Mutli grain rice serve with vegetables (cucumber and carrot) and flavourful chicken meats. If you like sweet and savory Korean Flavour, this will be your best choice.
Farmer's Market Sesae Miso Bowl
Lovely lunch box serve with shiitake mushrooms, cheery tomatoes, green peppers, garlic chips,toasted sesame seeds with roasted chicken. Delicious Thin noodle that is balance up with protein and fibre. 

Comforting food with generous portion on each lunch box ordered.
Wonderful meal to have it with my colleagues. Sharing is caring. Another great day lunch together in our office with this delectable meals!

For corporate events, catering and group orders, kindly call to check on the package and Free delivery option depending on location.

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