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The phrase Mak Kata (My Mom says) was first used in a classic Dutch Lady TV commercial released in 1983, featuring two boys quoting their mother’s words of wisdom. Inspired by the iconic ‘80s commercial, Dutch Lady Malaysia introduced the first Mak Kata campaign in 2014. 

“Dutch Lady Malaysia is pleased to bring back the familiar ‘Mak Kata’ campaign this year with a twist to reflect the smartness of kids these days.

As a mother of 3 kids, I felt blessed to have them in my life and always remind myself to teach them the basic manners, give them the best education, complete nutrition for their growth and many more. This contest Mak Kata - recalls me alot of my childhood sweet memories whereby my mom always share good advise to us to lead us a better person now. I am thankful that she have taught me alot about life and always motivate me with positive thoughts.

Mak Kata " Giving Is Receiving". My mum teach us to be kind to others. Help others in need and be thankful for what ever we are having now and be blessed with it. We have to help others with sincerity and do charity works. By giving something, you will be receiving good deeds in future. I encourage my kids to go charity center and we have fun meeting up with these lovely kids. I want them to be sociable and helping out other children. At the same time to let them feel to appreciate for what they are having now. Before taking their toys to give to charity center, I will explain to my kids that we can make other children happy and you also get the chance to play with them and make new friends over there.

Our visit to Rumah Charis. I am glad we can help the kids and putting a smile together.

Mak Kata" Sikit Sikit Jadi Bukit" - Le'ts start save money for your future. Mak Kata always keep money and during chinese new year all the angpau packet she will advise me to keep all in the bank. I start putting in the bank since 6 years old and with the extra pocket money from mum, I will keep in my piggy bank. Now I am doing the same telling my kids to always put the small coins in their own piggy bank and I just bought two lovely Frozen coin box for them. After few months, we will sit down together along with daddy and counting the coins. I bring my kids to the bank and put the money inside telling them saving is very important for our future. Start saving at young age, spend wisely and continue to put money in the coin box.

Mak Kata " Study is Very Important" & Never Give Up". I will always remember these quote. Education is a must! All kids must study hard and get good result. Usually that's what we always heard. But My mum never been a pushy mum. I have never been pressured by her on my homework and exam. I read and study with the determination and her advice of " Never Give Up" and Try Your Best motivational quotes. My mum is a positive person, saying when you failed, please don't give up and try to achieve what you want. Always put a positive mind and continue to try.

I try my best now to flow this message to my kids leading them to a good education system, guide them to never give up easily and always explore new things to gain their confidence level. Outing can be fun. Teach them education about underwater creatures from our recent visit to Aquaria KLCC and fun playtime introducing traditional congkak game to my children which used to be my childhood game.

Encouraging my kids to strive for the best. Never give up and try to make a taller tower just like Daddy!! Fun moment with my kids during weekends bring them to explore something different and family bonding time.

 Mak Kata " Drink Milk and you will become stronger and taller". Seeing the kids grow healthy and strong can make mum smile and happy. Mak Kata milk is important nutrition that every kids needs. I always ensure my kids drink milks and also telling them the same advise my mum taught me.

Dutch Lady Nutri Plan help parents like us guide the kids when their nutrition is well taken care of. " Curious,  Explore, Create and Learn" - the kids growth meant alot to us.

The ‘Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak’ contest is the perfect platform for mothers to share funny, interesting or touching snippets from their daily lives that are related to their child’s quick thinking and smart imaginations. A total of 9 lucky winners and their family members will stand a chance to spend an afternoon with celebrity mom, Scha Alyahya and her daughter, Lara Alana at a tea party, and to also receive one instant camera to capture their happy moments together.

Additionally, the first 250 weekly submissions will receive RM50 cash prizes each from 1st August till 30th September 2016.

Joining is simple, all you have to do is:
a) Purchase any pack of Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5X DHA* formulated milk powder for children (650g or 900g);
b) Go to Dutch Lady Malaysia’s website
c) Enter your favourite ‘Mak Kata’ quote and upload a photo of your child (above 1 year old til 8 years old); and
d) Click ‘SUBMIT’ and retain your receipt!

How to join? Visit Dutch Lady Malaysia’s smart moments website at

Share your lovely story now! Contest period: Starting from 1st August 2016 till 30th September 2016.