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Lunavie was started as a reliable source of mummy and baby-friendly products and made parenthood easier and more affordable without compromising on the quality. They provide exceptional products that support women during the journey of breastfeeding and nurturing babies. Now you can find other safety products from Lunavie website that are quite new at affordable price with just a few click and they will deliver the useful products to your doorstep.

I have choosen (3) types of baby safety products Door Stopper,  V Shape Corner Protector, and Slider Door Lock. Besides that. you can also find other products such as Plug Protector, Transparent Corner Protector and Multi-Purpose Latch. If you are new user, just do a simple sign up and you can start browsing your choices of products, add to cart and proceed for payment. Just wait for your parcel to arrive at your home. It is so convenient to shop at Lunavie and their quality are good and reliable.

Door Stopper,  V Shape Corner Protector, and Slider Door Lock - These three essential needs are useful especially when your kids turns one year old where they start to crawl and begin their first few steps. They have strong curiosity to check out every corner in your house. They love to touch, open drawers,play with the doors and many more. They want to explore things and begin to learn their capability to reach something. 
Lunavie V Shape Corner Protector RM 12.90
1)      Determine installation location.
2)      Clean and wipe the surface dry, free from dust or oil.
3)      Peel off the release paper apply on 4 inner sides of corner protector.
4)      Align to the corner and press the corner protector tightly.
5)      The adhesive strength will reach its optimum after 24hours
**To remove: Pull the corner protector up and wipe off adhesive with cloth and warm soapy water or use rubber cement solvent.
Help to protect your child from sharp corners. It is ideal for tables, counters and low shelves. Easy to install without any tools.
Lunavie Safefy Door Guard RM 9.90
Help to prevent your child’s fingers from getting caught in slamming doors. It can also help ensure children from being accidentally locked in rooms.
To Install:1)      Fit the door Guard on the top or the edge of the door
2)      Ensure it is out of reach of children.
Each family should have this at their home
Lunavie Slider Lock Door RM 10.90
To install:
1)      Determine installation location
2)      Press the latch and hold open
3)      Apply lock around the handles
4)      Slide the latch inwards to lock
Prevent children from opening cabinet doors and potentially injuring themselves. Easy to install without any tools. This is very convenient to me as my kids love to open my heavy drawers and play with it. From now on I have this useful tools to keep my things safe and of course most importantly ensure my kids safety as well.

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