Exciting Pensonic "Raya-Merdeka Cook With Chef Season 3" 2016 Cook Along in Kuala Lumpur!

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Wholesome fun being part of the Pensonic’s "Raya-Merdeka Cook With Chef Season 3" 2016 live cooking, cook along at the West Boulevard, One City Subang, Selangor last weekend! 
We are here as early as 8.20 am feeling excited to cook together with chef. Tag along my girl who is my assistance chef today

Our cooking station with one multi cooker provided, chicken and the other ingredients. Just follow the recipe and chef guidance to cook Ayam Masak Merah

Best to cook together and have fun! Woohoo..

Everything, including the raw ingredients, cooking utensils and even the aprons were provided for the participants by Pensonic. We get to take home the tasty dishes we have cooked, including the Pensonic multi-cooker.
My favourite host!

Chef said we need to do a light exercise first ya. So shake your body now!
Dato’ Chef Haji Ismail, while he effortlessly guides and enthusiastically shares lots of useful tips sprinkled with witty, light hearted humour that will set everyone alight with laughter. With Dato’ Chef Haji Ismail and Chef’s Like, even the most complicated and tedious dishes become easy. Home cooked meals become such a pleasure to prepare and savour.   
Chef live cooking show showing his beautiful and delicious menu
We have the opportunity cooking together along with these famous local celebrities and Pensonic Friend Dato’ Chef Haji Ismail himself! Among the ‘hot’ celebrities who joined the show were Zara Zya, Nadiya Nisaa, Faizal Hussein, Sherry Ibrahim, Marsha Milan Londoh, Ungku Ismail, Abam Bocey, Amber Chia, Alan Yun, Sari Yanti, Fendi Balas, Elfira Loy, Chef Florence Tan and the OLA-BOLA Stars.  

 Nice photo opportunity with these friendly celebrities

We are playing masak masak now..Is the chicken really cooked ? My sister said let's cook together. That's why you will see why my multi cooker can fit in so many pieces of chicken .Double the amount here..

The multi cooker is easy to use and now I can bring back my Ayam Masak Merah for lunch later
Everyone is so excited when taking our group photos with this 360 degree cameras on top of our head. My girls said it does looks like a small helicopter capturing all our faces in different angle

The moment that we all waiting for. They are giving away 20 prizes of lucky draw and 8 prizes for the best Instagram photos!

Wow..sis hubby won lucky draw prizes..

Fun day with my hubby and girls participating in this cooking session together with so many people in this awesome event.

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