Braun Thermoscan IRT6030

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When child have fever, we are so worried and we always touch her body or forehead first to discover that they start to have slight fever. But how to determine the temperature of your child body? Since newborn, hubby and me have invest a good brand of thermometer to put in our house because I believe this is very important item. This thermometer can monitoring your kid’s health and assist you especially when your kids are having fever so that you will know the child conditions better,

Braun is No.1 brand among doctors and 1st Mom’s choice leading brand that are No. 1 Sales in the US
Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer is very useful to take your child temperature precisely as a doctor.

When it comes to accurately taking a child’s temperature, doctors trust the precise Braun ThermoScan ear thermometer above all others, thanks to its patented, pre-warmed soft tip. The tip on other thermometers can cool the area where the reading is taken, which can lead to inaccurate readings. The tip on the ThermoScan is warmed before use to prevent this and ensure professional accuracy. In addition, the ExacTemp guidance system confirms the correct position and accurate reading with a light and a beep. You will also appreciate disposable Braun certified lens filters that help prevent the spread of germs between uses. And now with the new large screen and ergonomic design, Braun ThermoScan is even simpler to use. Discover why the Braun ThermoScan is the No. 1 brand among doctors.

Braun thermometer comes with an exclusive AgeSmart technology to help you interpret temperature based on the age of your child and you can never go wrong with it!

It has night light features as well
IRT6030 Product Review - How to Use Braun’s IRT6030

Remove the thermometer from the protective case.
•Press to the power button.
•Attach lens filter.
•Fit the probe snuggly into ear canal.
•Press and release the Start button.
•Temperature displays.
•Notice for Temperature Measurement
–In case of variance of reading, take the highest temperature as reference

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