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The Kettlebowl was founded by Nick and Nell, a pair of avid Crossfitters who seek to promote a healthy yet sustainable way of life. It started off as a means of discipline and accountability for the duo. At the same time, to spread inspiration and motivation to others.

Focusing on the synergy between fitness and food, their aim is to expand the community of like-minded individuals who share this passion. Ultimately, The Kettlebowl is a platform that accommodates any level of conversation surrounding healthy living and nutritious eating.

The Kettlebowl Granola is insipired by their passion to create deliciously healthy food in their kitchen - Sharing is Caring.

They named it The Kettlebowl  because they wanted to relate food to fitness. Similar sound to kettlebell ;the cast iron weight used for fitness training. The packaging also has a picture of the kettlebell which signifies the healthy lifestyle behind their granola.

The Kettlebowl does not use processed sugars in baking, everything is natural. There are no preservatives and all have nutrition fact.

Their granola is made of five base ingredients: oats, nuts, dried fruits, honey and oil. Usually, the granola can last for a couple of months depending on how you store it. You can keep in the fridge to keep freshness of the granola.

Kettlebowl granola helps people become fitter and stronger. Their granola promises a blend of wholesome ingredients to give customers a tasty crunch of unique flavors. They crafted a strong combination of organic steel-cut oats from Germany and imported nuts and dried fruits from the best regions around the world, topped with a variety of nutritious seeds and dried fruits. The granolas are made weekly in small batches to ensure the quality and offer delivery services to their customers.

With Ramadhan here, The Kettlebowl have specially created Energy Bites and Granola to keep all Malaysians alike bursting with energy to last us throughout the day. Reach your fitness goals with what's in your bowl and work together towards a fitter, faster and stronger Malaysia. Oats are a low GI food, so trust The Kettlebowl to keep you fuelled. A great source of energy, especially during this fasting month. some delicious granola and energy bites!

Pina Ko-lapa (Ramadhan Special) -  An oat, walnut, coconut and pineapple jam mixture, hand rolled into small bites and garnished with desiccated coconut.

Only RM18 for 21 healthy bites that keeps you fueled throughout the day while substituting sweet tooth cravings.

Packed in nice packaging.
This 4-in-1 Granola Box is perfect for those who enjoy variety. 4 of the signature flavours in 1 box (RM 38). Plus, it works perfectly as a gift too!

Each Granola Box contains:

- 120gm Maple Pecan Ginger
- 120gm Chocolat
- 120gm PB & K
- 120gm Coco-Ca-Cash
The granola packs come in resealable bags of 400gm. For RM28 per pack, your breakfast and snacking needs.
 PB & K (RM 28 for 400gm pack)

Wake up to the smell of 'kopi'. This peanut butter infused granola comes with a delightful surprise of espresso crème chips.

COCO-CA-CASH (RM 28 for 400gm pack)

A coconut cashew blend with an added twist of cardamom spice to give you a unique breakfast experience
MAPLE PECAN... GINGER (RM 28 for 400gm pack)
A classic combination of maple & pecan that we all love. Now made even more comforting with the flavour of candied ginger.
CHOCOLAT (RM 28 for 400gm pack)

The 'T' is silent. Discover the earthy notes of cinnamon & nutmeg in this dark chocolate & almond granola
Here how it works.
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The Kettlebowl Granola seeks to fuel your day without compromising on taste – reinventing the journey to health and fitness.
Healthy bites and homemade-filled-with-love granola.

Find out more about The Kettlebowl granola at TheKettlebowl.

The Kettlebowl ships to West and East Malaysia where a delivery fee applies. A pack of 400 grams is RM28, while a sampler pack of four is RM38.

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