Little Kingdom - The New Indoor “Edutainment” Theme Park @ Parkson Maju Junction Kuala Lumpur

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We are invited to the 1st Edutainment indoor theme park – ‘Little Kingdom’ located at 3rd Floor Parkson Maju Junction last weekend and it was the most memorable and fun moments together with my family. We spent about 7 hours inside and my three kids are too hyper active that they still want to continue playing.  I like the whole concept here – Play and Learn at the same time! Parents get to join along with the children for all the rides, playground area and classes.  We can experience the fairytale world and create magical moments together!
Christy bring us a short tour introducing Little Kingdom.  Launched by Parkson Edutainment World, the first-of-its-kind 40,000 sq. ft. indoor edutainment park features 35 Happy Toon World (U.S.) fairytale and cartoon characters (eg. Little Snow White, Little Cinderella, Little Pinnochio, Little Puss n Boots etc) in a magical-themed playland filled with a variety of unique activities, rides and games. Little Kingdom  is built using only the highest quality equipment and state-of-the-art technology, every activity, ride and game is geared towards fostering parent-child bonding with combined elements of personalized learning, fun and play

Little Kingdom is a great place for kids aged 3 to 15 years old . Little Kingdom, an edutainment park where parents & children explore, learn, and grow together.

They have “junior” versions of the world’s top iconic characters, including Little Snow White, Little Puss N Boots and Little Santa.

You can place your belongings at the locker here. 

3 main element in Little Kingdom:-
EXPLORE - Run loose! Here at Little Kingdom, not exploring is a crime punishable by boredom! Let your child’s curious mind run wild with our painstakingly planned play kingdom.

LEARNING - Who says learning has to be within the four walls of a classroom? With an innovative method of combining education and entertainment (“edutainment”), this is one ‘school’ your child will wake you up for on a Sunday morning.

MEMORIES - How do you combine time to play and bond? At Little Kingdom, we help busy parents bond with their child during playtime, while ensuring they get to learn new things. That is why our tagline is: "Be your kid's best partner".

We are greeted with welcome at the ticketing counter and the friendly staff put on the wrist band for us. Looks like a watch.

Here have secure check in and check out entry using the wrist band. Just tag on it

Amazing setup of the whole theme park with fairy tales characters surrounds us all over the place and I do feel like a princess again. Venturing into a new magical dreams with my kiddos
The map - Now let's see where shall we begin our journey
You’ll be greeted with music playing all day long.

Colourful lights with different types of cartoon characters for us to take pictures.
Little Pinocchio Hut

We are going to try the 1st Ice Bread with choices of our favourite ice cream! My girls choose chocolate. Vanilla and strawberry.  Fun way of eating ice cream!

Now they are also having promotions of Buy 1 Free 1 at only RM 9.90 Each.

Daily performances

Maze Run - Getting the kids inside and exit at the correct way on their own. Finding the way out
 There are 6 themed classrooms here. Little Cinderella Ballroom, Little T-Rex Kitchen, Little Alice Wonderland, Little Genie House and Little Aliten Spaceship.
Food stalls  - waffles, popcorns, drinks and etc . You can get your light snack here
Beautiful girl's washroom. It's best if they can have another room specially for breastfeeding mum and place to change nappy.
Little Alice Wonderland where they have art classes here

The Magical Castle caters for birthday parties and events. Huge hall that can accommodate up to 100 pax to hold your special occasion. The children can play while mummy and daddy can enjoy their food comfortably.  Elegant and cosy place for a great birthday venue. If you look carefully, there are amount of calories stated in every section of the  food display. Healthy food for the kids as well as for the parents too.


Famous fairy-tale and cartoon characters appearance
 Family Picture moments
Next, we have the chance to join the culinary class to make sandwich at the
Little T-Rex Kitchen.
  Parents can join together too. Since Father’s Day is in the month of June, Chef suggested that we shall make a Daddy’s face sandwich with the fresh and healthy ingredients provided.  Chef provides slices of cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, ham, cabbage and etc. The kids enjoy placing the ingredients on the bread and make their own version of sandwich with their creative mind.

Fantasy  Drive - This was fun! The kids get to enjoy the ride with their parents together. A short briefing on how to drive and knowing the button to move around - forward and backward.  First of all, we need to go to the bank to get money (RM 100). Next we go to fill up the petrol. Then we go to the candy store and purchase with the money given in our hand. Tour around and go to the car wash. Then we put in petrol again. And finally we bank in the remaining balance. Then After completing the task, the kids will get the driving license! 
Fantasy Driving School with powered motors and tracks and expansive game play areas
Good exposure for the kids in figuring out their intellectual ability and motor skills. I sit with my two small kids and keep bumping at the side..and keep forward and backward few times only managed to park back the car. Oppss..mummy must be thinking of bumper car now.

Building blocks for the kids
Proud of them - learning how to put the blocks correctly - This is one of the Pygmalion activties 
 The Amazon Ride
Nurturing and inspiring every child's imagination: from the latest augmented reality technology games to explore and interact, to Amazon Rides for mission solving quest. This is really awesome Safari jeep!! Adventurous!

Put on the seat belts and we ready to shoot the target with this laser gun!

My kids pulling my hand to go inside again. They seems to enjoy it so much. The staff is kind enough to let them sit all over again without having to queue another round. 

Even the park's maintenance adheres to stringent requirements: such as specially imported equipment that monitors the air quality daily and the use of only cassia seeds from U.S. for the sand play area due to its benefits for the child's body and sensory skills
The most exciting place for the kids - The Activity Area  (consists of Secret Island, Mystical Forest, and Enhanted Town). The staff over there are very polite and always cheerful face. They are helpful and taking good care of the children inside the playarea.

Mini Trampoline Field
My kids enjoying it so much. Glad that my eldest girl is taking good care of her two siblings. They are comfortable with this play gym and jumping through the obstacles to get into the slides.  Safe and secure playing environment. The reason they want to stay longer here - So much fun and laughter! Meeting with new friends too, playing together and going up and down..

Pool of balls . My son can go on his own and pretty good start for him to social around and learn his motor skills by walking along the colourful indoor playground area. Mummy and daddy also take this chance to slides together with them. 
Now we are heading up to First Floor to explore more activities there. The spaceship deco is so impressive with the stunning light and designs.

You will be able to notice there are hand sanitizer at certain area. Thumbs up for that! 

Socks can be purchase here at RM 6. All kids need to wear socks to go inside the Mysterious Mars playarea. While parents are not restricted though. I suggest all parents and kids need to wear their own socks before entering the indoor playarea for hygiene purpose.

Mysterious Mars is another play area for the younger kids to enjoy themselves. Filled up with few obstacles, Ball Blasting Area and exciting play time for the kids

The kids play and learn at the same time. Mission to accomplish

Playing and learning through providing a safe and fun environment for children to play, learn, socialise and exercise.
Lego and Duplo workshops

Little Cinderella Ballroom 

Little Princess room for them to do simple gym exercise and turn into aerobic class and dancing class too. Kids are curious and they love to explore them selves. My kids trying out each of the equipment. Looks interesting to me seeing the kids size gym. Too cute!
Little Beast Field

Toddler Playground  -  Soft play area for the kids

They also have daily performances - Magic show and a musical performance. Kids and parents can dance and sing together
Photobooth counter to collect your memorable pictures
How about dropping by to Little Elf Factory to get a souvenir or learning toys for your kids?
Royal Unicorn Education -International Learning Centre-
Royal Unicorn has two components towards developing a child - Pygmalion & Zensyo Maitreya.

Little Kingdom features the Pygmalion teaching method that originated from Japan.Pygmalion is a world-renowned methodology for child development and specializing in whole brain development between kids age 3 - 6 years old.

Furthermore, if you wish to enroll your kids in Nursery School here they have The nursery centres called “Zensyo Maitreya” nursery schools which also originated from Japan. Zensyo Maitreya is a nursery focusing on children age 3 - 6 years old that use unique approach to bring out the child's talent, cultivating their hobbies and enhancing body movements. They have hourly childcare services whereby parents can drop off their child at their nursery and let the child fully utlitizes the time for learning and playing.

The special thing about this center is you get all in one place - learning activities of music class, art, ballet, martial arts,  and cooking class too.

Talking Tom House will be opening soon in July 2016 which is a unique and innovative way to combining eating, learning and child development. Originated from USA, this is much loved by all. Remember the talking apps?? This Talking Tom character was our family favourite too.. We used to play with it and have a great laughter together. Talking Tom house aims to teach table manners, inspire the kids to learn while dining and also strengthen family bonding time together. The meals are cooked by in house chef. Offering affordable and healthy meals for the kids.

Good News to all! Now they are offering 50% off single entry admission tickets for their soft opening. If you coming in 2 adults and 2 children, the admission fee is only RM 100. So be there with your kids this school holiday and have a great magical moments together! 

A magical kingdom. A place of imagination.
We love this place so much! My kids keep reminding me that they want to visit here again with their grandparents and want to stay longer inside to join all the activities and enrichment classes..okok mummy got it.. Till we meet again!!

Come to experience the Little Kingdom, Malaysia's 1st Personalized Learning Edutainment Park . Be your kid's best partner. Spend playtime with them.

Address : 

Parkson Maju Junction, 
Level 3, 1001, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50250, Kuala Lumpur 
(Just park at Level 3)

Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm daily.

Website :



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The theme park look nice, shud drop by this weekend


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yea this new place is great and my kids love it so much ..go early, not so crowded and play longer with unlimited ride! enjoy!

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Hi May I know from what time it open?

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hi cherri..the opening time is 10am

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