Curves Malaysia hosts a Morning of Empowerment

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 Curves Malaysia hosts a Morning of Empowerment

Various influential personalities in key fields of expertise take centre stage
Kuala Lumpur, May 28 2016 – Curves Malaysia, the World’s Leader in Women’s Fitness
hosted a Morning of Empowerment with its members, guests and media over the weekend.
A list of key personalities in various fields of expertise took to the stage to talk and
encourage the guests to take charge and ensure the overall wellbeing of their lives .

Topics included DNA for Women by Consultant Physician and Geriatrician, Healthy Ageing
Specialist and Lite FM radio personality, Dato’ Dr Rajbans Singh. He is the first in the
country to start the practice of Healthy Aging Centre and the President of Malaysian
Stemcell Association and a Certified Nutrigenomics Practitioner and International Medical
Advisor to Fitgenes Australia.

Personal branding maverick, Mr Steve Wee of Brand Yourself took the stage and discussed
the importance of branding and soft skills by focusing on an individual’s uniqueness.
Emcee of the day, Diyana Hashim, Traxxfm Radio Announcer thereafter invited hair
maestro, Datin Winnie Loo of a A Cut Above Salons & Academy and Malaysian actress and
host , Nana Mahazan of Akademi Fantasia 1, both successful women in their own fields to
discuss women’s role in society through empowerment. They were part of a panel which
also included Nur Afzan Bt Ahmad Fuad and Sharizan Shaari, both winners at Curvette of
the Year Campaign 2015. Both women shared inspiring stories of overcoming adversities to
find contentment through well being. They spoke about how Curves Malaysia changed their
lives with not only a healthier body and mind, but they gained confidence and found newfriends along the way here.

Miss Alison Chin, CEO of Curves Malaysia quoted, “ Since Curves entered Malaysia, it has
helped thousands of women achieve their goals – be it weight loss, overcoming health
issues and gaining confidence. It makes us so proud at Curves that we can help to
“ Strengthen Women ”
The previous winners were the highlight of the morning with stories of their transformationand journey at Curves Malaysia. This served as a run up to the Curvette of the Year
Campaign 2016 , which was launched in early May this year. Following the huge success of
its 2015 campaign, with its 6 finalists getting a makeover, a photoshoot and a Facebook
voting contest that went viral, Curves Malaysia plans a bigger and bolder campaign this
year. Finalists will document their journey on social media and as a lead up, several
workshops on healthy eating, dressing right, talks on women’s health and fitness activities
will be organised by Curves Malaysia. The “Morning of Empowerment” is one such workshop that has started the ball rolling for this exciting campaign.

The morning also focused on dressing right for an individual’s body type, in partnership with
Flow and Neubodi. Flow, the fashion line for curvy women, showed guests how to dress right by defining the norm and pushing the bar higher encompassing all body types . Whilst
Neubodi, the lingerie brand addressed the need for women to be fitted right to feel confident
about their inner beauty.

Four members from Curves centres around Klang Valley were handpicked to be part of a
makeover by Flow and Neubodi.Tengku Faira Edna Iskandariah, Eshwari Vasuthewan,
Cindy Lim Sew Li and Diviya Mohan, had a before and after session, and at the reveal, each
saw an immediate difference of how they looked and felt.

Eshwari Vasuthewan quoted, “ I have worked hard at Curves to gain a new body that I
simply love, and I’m pleased that Neubodi’s innerwear further enhances my posture, and I
walk with more confidence.”

Tengku Faira Edna added, “I wanted to look more stylish even though I wear a hijab, as
Curves has certainly given me a healthier body and outlook to life. At the makeover, Flow
urged me to try on bolder colours, and to my surprise, at the reveal, I looked younger and
felt more vibrant.”

Healthy breakfast, lots of exciting success stories, encouragement and countless photo
snaps continued well after the workshops at The Society in Bangsar South.