TGI Fridays™ new promotional “The Platter”

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TGI Fridays™ new promotional “The Platter” centers around communal dining serving up to 8 people in one order

Communal dining has been in practise for centuries, as the concept of sharing food has not only cultivated a sense of community but has extended beyond the time of eating together. While there are other places people meet, gathering around a meal is the most accessible because if nothing else, everyone must eat.

Staying true to this intention, TGI Fridays™ introduces two new, promotional The Platters The Chicks Platter and The Boss . Each platter is unique and carefully crafted with a selection of pastas, salads, and other side dishes to complement each other making up these two delicious platters.
 Mr Andrew Reddy, Group CEO of Chaswood Resources quotes, “ In Malaysia, the oldest tradition of communal dining is known as ‘dulang’. This style of eating, which centres on food being served on a large tray with people being able to choose what they want whilst sharing it, serves as a reminder of the simpler times we experienced.” He added, “At TGI Fridays™ , we are proud to be able to incorporate this tradition into our promotional platters, as we want this new edition to be a fun and exciting new manner for people to enjoy our food. ”

The Chicks Platter includes Grilled Chicken, Roasted ½ chicken with Tennessee sauce and Pan Seared Chicken Thigh, served with Coleslaw, Waffle Fries, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad and Penne Alfredo with a generous helping of BBQ sauce, black pepper sauce and sriracha cream sauce. The Chicks Platter is priced at RM117.50 nett.

The Boss features Sliced Sirloin Steak, juicy BBQ Beef Ribs, Lamb Chumps served with Corn on Cobb, Potato Accordion, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad and Marinara Farfalle with a generous helping of Mint sauce, BBQ Sauce, and wild mushroom butter sauce. This platter is priced at RM 249.90 nett.

Boasting fresh and new elements to the already varied menu at TGI Fridays™ , The Chicks Platter and The Boss contain new additions that were crafted to bring out the soulful tastes and decadent flavours to the already present items on the menu. Entirely enticing, each platter feeds up to eight people at a time , and when divided is highly affordable . With its generous serving, these platters are sure to leave everyone feeling extremely satisfied.

The The Chicks Platter and The Boss will be available at TGI Fridays™ outlets for a limited time starting 3 May 2016. /