Review on Disposable Breast Pads & Nursing Cover from Lunavie (Baby Products Company)

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About Lunavie
Lunavie was started with the aim to create a reliable source of mummy and baby-friendly products for our customers. They strive to make your parenthood easier and more affordable without compromising on the quality. Mission is to provide exceptional products that support women during the journey of breastfeeding and nurturing babies.

Disposable breast pad and nursing cover is the essential item for our breastfeeding. I would said that disposable breast pad is very important especially after the two months maternity leave and I need to back to work. The breast pad helps me to absorb the leaking milk and makes us comfortable and no worries at all. While nursing cover is the best companion for active mum who always need to travel or breastfeed their babies at public area.
Disposable Breast Pad RM 16.50
How to Use :
1) Remove the individually packed breast pad from the packaging
2) Peel off the double adhesive tape
3) Stick the pad on the inside of your bra cup. Make sure the soft cotton lining is facing your skin
  • Super absorbent & leak proof - day or night
    - Locks in moisture for optimum dryness and comfort
  • Perfect fitting
    - Contoured 3D shape to provide perfect & discreet fitting
  • Ultra thin & discreet under clothing
    - Helps mums look and feel great between breastfeeds
  • Double adhesive tape
    - Non-slip tapes to keep pads in place
  • Hygienic & Convenient
    - Each breast pad is individually wrapped
Caution :
- Change your breast pad frequently
- Keep out of reach of children
- If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Condult your doctor if condition persists
Leopard Print Nursing Cover RM 45
This Nursing Cover Also functions as a car seat cover, scarf, and shopping cart cover
  1. Provides true ALL OVER COVERAGE front and back.
  2. Made of comfortable, stretchy fabric.
  3. Takes seconds to put on and take off.
  4. Alleviates any worry that your baby will kick or pull your cover off.
  5. Features a flexible neck that can be worn down under one arm.
  6. Allows you to peek in to make sure your little one has latched properly.
  7. Can be folded very small and in any fashion for storage.
  8. One size fits most.

Light and easy to bring along during travel for your breastfeeding session
Lunavie will set a booth at baby fair -Today's Baby Expo which located at Mid Valley on 12/5-15/5/2016. There will be great promotions awaits you. Let's celebrate Mother's Day in style!

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