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Are you a Mother 2.0? Get involved to appreciate mothers who challenge stereotypes in raising their children the best way they know how!

“Who says children can’t listen to rock music?”
– Lifetime: Mother  2.0 Wisdom

“Going on holiday doesn’t make me a bad mom.  That’s why it’s called a holiday!”
– Lifetime: Mother 2.0 Wisdom

Today’s mom is caring, patient and attentive; she’s also a best friend, life coach, shopping and workout buddy, travel companion and role model. This ‘upgraded’ model, which Lifetime has christened 'Mother 2.0', has evolved with the times - they are moms who have developed impressive skills like ashtanga yoga, 5-minute makeovers and extreme multitasking among many others.

To pay tribute to our Mother 2.0s, Lifetime is proud to kick off a Mother's Day movement in celebration of these special women who live by their own terms, defy tradition and challenge stereotypes with their unconventional approach to motherhood.  Here’s how you can be a part of Lifetime’s Mother 2.0 revolution! 

Mother 2.0 Wisdom

Share your story with Lifetime and inspire others with your experience – think of it as your way of contributing to a much-needed revamp of ‘old wives’ tales’! Just post your version of Mother 2.0 Wisdom on and the 5 most original contributions will win a chance to attend an exclusive screening of the movie ‘Mother’s Day’ (a set of movie tickets for four) on May 8, Sunday at TGV Sunway Pyramid, together with the Mother 2.0 featured personalities! This contest will end on 5 May.

Mother 2.0 Video Stories
To illustrate how motherhood can take many forms, four Mother 2.0 personalities will share their personal stories and insights on Lifetime Asia’s Facebook fanpage and website! Get to know these moms and share their remarkable stories with other parents:
    Puteri Kirana, an adrenaline-loving bike stuntwoman;
    Nisa Hadian, an oil rig engineer who loves to bake;
    Ammetta Malhotra Bergin, a personal fitness instructor and owner of Target Fitness Gym; and
    Jayvy Chin, a tattooed mom who loves her ink.

These mothers, and many others like them, prove that there’s more to being a mother than tradition dictates; what’s more, adapting to motherhood doesn’t mean she has to give up what makes her a unique individual.

Mother 2.0 Listicles
During the campaign, Lifetime will also post exclusive ‘listicles’ on Facebook, highlighting the many aspects of Mother 2.0, from gift ideas for Mother’s Day to activities that Mother 2.0s would enjoy, plus great quotes and advice for modern motherhood!

Don’t wait – think of all the Mother 2.0s in your life who bring new life and meaning to motherhood – and reach out to them by sharing your Mother 2.0 Wisdom; giving them a shout-out to do the same; spread some positivity through the inspiring Mother 2.0 video stories and listicles, all found on and!