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Chill out with Sepiring’s Teh Tarik Ais Monster

The flavourful tastes of local Malaysian cuisine have long been well-loved among food-lovers across the nation, regardless of race, culture or background. Inspired by these perennial favourites, Sepiring prides itself o n reflecting these traditional Malaysian roots in its menu offerings, from a Nyonya Nasi Ulam with Ayam Percik to the popular Durian Pancake dessert, and more.

Amidst this aromatic array of dishes, Sepiring’s latest introduction is one that is sure to hold its own. Newly-launched, the Teh Tarik Ais Monster is a dessert that promises to become a fast favourite, whether in the middle of a hot day or at the end of a hard day’s work.

Bringing together two quintessential Malaysian must-haves, Sepiring’s new dessert blends the milky teh tarik with the refreshing ice kacang in unique harmony. Living up to its name, the dish is served as a towering mountain of shaved ice, served with classic ice kacang toppings including peanuts, jelly, nata de coco and tapioca pearls. Drizzled generously with teh tarik from top to bottom, the crowning jewel is a scoop of ice-cream complete with an ice-cream cone.

Guaranteed to satisfy dessert fans with its innovative flavour, the Teh Tarik Ais Monster is the perfect complement to a relaxing meal with family and friends, with the size of the dish making it ideal to be shared.

Lynn-ee Kwan, Brand Manager of Sepiring, said, “Sepiring is all about Malaysians coming together to enjoy the meals we love and have grown up with. We take great pride in offering our customers a diverse menu that celebrates the distinctive Malaysian taste in a delightful feast for the senses. Our latest addition, Teh Tarik Ais Monster, is yet another tribute to our uniquely Malaysian roots.”

“Our brand name, Sepiring, is derived from sharing a meal on the same plate with your loved ones. With its ‘monster’ size and delicious taste, the Teh Tarik Ais Monster epitomises that through and through.”

To commemorate the launch of the Teh Tarik Ais Monster, customers can participate in not one but two contests by Sepiring! Dare to take on the ‘10 Minutes Challenge’? Grab a friend and finish the dessert in 10 minutes or less. Those who successfully win the challenge will have enjoyed the dish for free!

For those who prefer a more leisurely manner of enjoying the dish, the ‘Capture the Monster’ contest awaits! Snap a creative picture with the Teh Tarik Ais Monster, make it as interesting as possible, and post the photo on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag Sepiring on the photo and include the hashtag #TehTarikAisMonster in the caption to stand a chance to win a meal voucher!

A truly Malaysian dessert, the refreshing Teh Tarik Ais Monster is a two-in-one hybrid dish that will delight customers from all walks of life. It is now available at all Sepiring outlets for just RM19.90 nett. 

For more information on Sepiring, please visit www.sepiring.com.my.