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Amazin’ Graze is located at D7, Sentul just next to the Three Little Birds CafĂ© and they baked fresh Granolas using the best ingredients. They truly believe in EATING RIGHT, NOT LESS. Amazin’s Graze emphasize in using raw ingredients that have high nutritional value for the body in their products and all granolas products are baked to perfection with all the necessary nutrition. They use sweeteners like maple syrup and Linden honey.
I met Amy the owner of Amazin’Graze who also partnered along with her two buddies setting up this business since Dec 2015. Getting more good response and feedback from customers, their business grows rapidly with more demands and choices of healthy nuts. Besides online ordering, you can also find them in kiosk such as Ben’s Independent grocer & Village Grocer.

All products are rich in vitamins and minerals, Low Gi, High in fibre and protein and NO artficial preservatives and colourings & Refined sugar FREE
Packed in easy-to-go resealable packets

Convenient packaging that can bring to travel. All products are expiring in 3 months time. So remember to finished it up while still fresh

Nut butters machine Something new is coming up
Tasting time - Granola range, pick from flavours like blueberry goji coconut, salted gula Melaka, gingerbread, and hazelnut blackforest. You can also select items like their coconut curry lime nut mix, fruits range and etc.

Clean and Effcient Central Kitchen. All products are homemade baked fresh daily here

This delicious snack is available on Amazin' Box subscription plan! Tasty yet convenient snacking ! It comes with 4 healthy treats & yummy snacks that will delivered to your home or office starting at just RM24.90/box. You can choose to subscribe to the Amazin' Box weekly, every two weeks or every month. With over 50 healthy snacks to choose from and super flexible subscription options.

Amazin’ Kitchen is working hard to add even more choices for you on a monthly basis. You can expect a large selection of healthy snacks including granolas, nuts & seeds, fruit medleys, healthy cookies, power bars, almond balls, home-dehydrated fruits, vegetable chips, superseed crisps, nut & seed clusters and more!

Blueberry goji coconut granola uses goji Fragrant coconut granola baked from traditional rolled oats, chia seeds, crunchy almonds & cashews. Topped with wild blueberries, goji berries and juicy raisins, this superfood granola is designed to keep you energized and sustained throughout your day

Health Highlight: Coconut flesh is particularly high in threonine, an amino acid needed to protect the liver, central nervous system, cardiovascular system, and to support the formation of collagen in the body
Ingredients: Traditional rolled oats, chia seeds, almonds, cashews, coconut, blueberry, goji berry, black raisins, honey, organic molasses, himalayan rock salt, bienetta, canola oil

Dark chocolate granola created from traditional rolled oats, energising buckwheat and antioxidant-rich chia seeds. Mixed with juicy cherries and sweet cranberries as well as creamy cashews and crunchy hazelnuts. Never feel guilty for indulging in chocolate again!

Health Highlight: Cacao is what makes chocolate healthy. This superfood is super high in antioxidants and is associated with decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels and improved blood vessel health . Oh yes and it is said to be responsible for making you happy too!

Ingredients: Traditional rolled oats, buckwheat, chia seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, cherries, cranberries, black raisins, honey, organic molasses, dark cacao powder, vanilla extract, himalayan rock salt, canola oil

A delicious combo of traditional rolled oats, maple, pecans, almonds, summer fruits with lightly puffed millet and topped with fine dark chocolate chips! Every bite is guaranteed to bring you a sense of home and comfort

Health Highlight: Millet is one of the world’s healthiest foods with very high Vitamin B nutrients, as well as copper, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium. It is also a source of essential fats in the body
Ingredients: Traditional rolled oats, puffed millet, pecans, almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, cranberries, golden raisins, maple syrup, organic molasses, canola oil, Himalayan rock salt

This savoury walnut & cashew spice nut mix is guaranteed to hit a spot with fans who love traditional Chinese red cooking. Think of that succulent five spice duck except our nut mix is completely vegetarian! Suitable for those looking for a healthy flavourful snack and vegetarians who miss meat!

Health Highlight: Five-spice powder is made up of five spices that encompasses encompassing all of the five elements of taste – sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and salty (representing wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). It is used primarily in Chinese cuisine but also used in other Asian and Arabic cookery.
Ingredients: walnuts, cashews, five spices (star anise, cinnamon, fennel, cloves, sichuan pepper), tamari sauce, egg white, organic molasses, himalayan rock salt, sesame oil.

Sweet curry pecans roasted with fragrant coconut and mixed with lime-infused cashews. This high anti-oxidant, high fibre snack full of calcium and magnesium will give you a burst of energy to sail through your day

Health Highlight: Turmeric, one of the main spices in curry, may lower risk for diabetes as it prevents sharp spikes in blood sugar. When consumed on a regular basis, tumeric is also said to have cancer-preventive benefits with ability to stop cancer in one of its earliest stages

Ingredients: Pecans, cashews, pepitas, coconut, curry powder, organic molasses, cayenne pepper, lime juice, honey, himalayan rock salt, bienetta, canola oil.

Fueling your body with healthy, nutritious and wholesome foods. Feeling energetic and boost my working mood.

Dried fruit in the market are all coated with lots of sugar. Here they make using purely 100% fresh fruits. All their fruits are freshly picked and dehydrated with no added sugar or flavouring.

Apple Pie RM 9.90

Enjoy a guilt-free treat with these apple rings dusted with cinnamon and mixed with juicy raisins – the perfect filling of an apple pie!

Apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples may help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease

Raisins are one of the best natural sources of energy. They are loaded with fibres to aid digestion, rich source of iron and cooper as well as B complex vitamins vital for the formation of red blood cells. Raisins also contain high levels of polyphenolic antioxidants (catechins) that helps to prevent development of tumours, especially colon cancer.

Cinnamon has been prized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Cinnamon is loaded with anti-oxidants which protects the body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, it has anti-inflammatory properties and lowers blood-sugar levels with powerful anti-diabetic effect.
Every packet is equivalent to two apples and a good handful of raisins.

Ingredients: 100% natural apples, black raisins, cinnamon

Sunshine Pineapple RM 9.90
Petals of bright chewy pineapple to cheer up your day! It is a great source of many nutrients, such as vitamin C, manganese, copper and folate. It is the only source of the plant compound bromelain which is associated with enhanced immune function, cancer prevention, improved wound healing and better gut health

These chewy and crispy dehydrated pineapples have retained all the natural sweet & tangy flavours of pineapples! Every packet is equivalent to a third of a large pineapple.Using 100% natural pineapples

Amazin's Fruits range have 4 choices of apple pie, pineapple, dragonfruit and kiwi. All  dehydrated fruits use the best available fruits of the season with no added sugar, flavourings or preservatives. I bet no other place have this. Delectable yet healthy treat for me and my family members.

My favourite snacks are Coconut Curry Lime, Blueberry Goji Coconut Granola and Sunshine Pineapple. Savoury flavour on the spice type and crispy crunchy granola.

Snacking made convenient and affordable!

Delicious Healthy Snack right to your doorstep. To start ordering, please contact- Email : (or for all Amazin’ Box related matters) 
Tel : 603-4065-0325

Store Location:
HQ’ed at D7, Jalan Sentul. (exact location below). 
The store is opened from Monday – Friday, 9am-6pm.

Website :

Facebook :


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