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KimNaNa Bento was established by a group of people who shares common vision and idea about convenient boxed lunches. The etymology of the word KimNaNa is taken from the female protagonist appearing in Korean hit TV series “City Hunter”. KimNaNa is strong, optimistic with the courage to accept new things, the same personalities which formed the cornerstone of our company culture. The word Bento is the slang term for Chinese word 便当 or Bian Dang,meaning conveniently boxed.

How to Order :

Honey Mustard Fried Fish Fillet (RM 9.90)

The honey mustard sauce is a delicate complement to the fried fish fillet. It taste sweet and tangy. (Served with premium fragrant rice)


Gumiho Beauty Bento is the signature Bento. It is specifically designed to suit the nutritional need of woman especially for beauty purposes based on the recommendations and theories of many worldwide experts specialised in Nutritional Science and Naturopathy.

I choose Stewed Chicken with Wolfberries, Black Fungus & Chick Peas (RM 17.90)
GUMIHO Firming Bento contains 14 super food that are exceptionally good at skin firmness and anti-wrinkle. These super food are fully endorsed by many nutritional experts. Great amount of collagen in KimNaNa scale chicken sauce is a highlight that enhanced the effect.

The chef adopted Sichuan culinary style for this main dish with reduced spiciness. Wolfberries, black fungus and chick peas are key ingredients to stew with chicken. Spicy lotus root is another creative side dish.

I am satisfied with the bento set. Fast delivery and they will sms to inform you that the driver is on their way to your area to deliver your food. The bento is beautifully presented and wrapped nicely. Taste good and value for money. I shared with my colleagues and all agree that the bento is delicious and worth trying.

Free Delivery. No minimum requirement for first purchase by new customer. For subsequent purchases, minimum order of 3 sets apply to areas within normal coverage. For areas outside normal coverage, a minimum order of 10 sets apply.
Delivery Area

**No Pork and Alcohol

Tel: +6012-247 4710 

You can order KimNaNa Bento by 9pm for next working day delivery. 

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