Prize winning from OpenRice Website

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

When we receive our email to redeem our prizes at Open Rice office, we are pretty excited knowing that we going to have few movie tickets (almost around 20 tickets) to bring along the kids for movie perhaps in another few weeks we can catch up new cartoon movie in the cinema. But when the staff show me the complimentary TGV Movie ticket that we won from the recent New Year contest and on the blogger special invites by submitting food review, the expiry date is on 31 Jan 2016. We redeem the prizes on 20 Jan 2016 and we are left less than a week time to go to the cinema! Gosh! Can't they be more sincere in giving away prizes that are more relevant and at least give us the expiry date up to 29 Feb 2016! 

What can I say more? I am too familiar with their way of doing contest where they did not state any terms there telling you that the ticket is going to expire in that month itself.
One word - Ridiculous and waste of time. (That's what my colleagues feedback to me as well) .Ya but still after many time of argument and dissatisfaction on how they manage their contest of all the terms they set, I am still the loyal supportive user that always join the contest and get prizes from this website. Free Jusco Vouchers and movie tickets by just uploading food photos. Just as simple as that. I can't find any other website that can offer me such Jusco vouchers that I can actually use it to buy anything I want and with kids, I surely need this to buy their necessities especially milk powder and pampers!!!!!
The expiry date is just a week to go- 31 Jan 2016! What I do with that 20 movie tickets? On the same day I received it, I quickly text my colleagues, friends and blogger friends who need this and selling them for RM 5. Good deal huh? And yes i managed to sell it off in just two I can get the cash.
Although I am upset coz they actually deduct almost half of my pictures, I am left still with a bunch of vouchers for me to do my CNY shopping. I have no idea how they approved all the photos and it is up to them to give us the final result. Fair or not fair? No comment as I have to just said yes to their reply on my email. Perhaps, my mistake that I have done few angles of same photos, blur photos and some are the same restaurant chain, but half of the photos gone are really too much.