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My second batch of Signature Snack is delivered right to my doorsteps and I am happy to received it with nice packaging and discover a greeting card wishing me Merry Christmas. The packing itself printed the wording Merry Christmas too and I am excited to find out what's inside my surprise pack. I tried different snacks this round and here are my selection of snacks. Signature Snack are all come in a sealed packaging and you can keep it easily. 

Pumpkin Cranberry Mix (170g)

Cashew Nut , Almond , Pumpkin Seed , Sunflower Seed, Cranberry , Yellow Raisins

This snack is the perfect combination of healthy nuts, seed and dried fruits. This combination makes the snack a wholesome snack. This snack is a combination of small size nuts, seed & dried fruit. The combination brings a bit of sourness, sweetness, saltiness and lastly nutty flavor. Highly recommended.

Ingredients: Cashew Nut, Almond, Lightly Salted Pumpkin Seed (Himalayan Rock Salt), Lightly Salted Sun Flower Seed (Himalayan Rock Salt), Dried Cranberries , Yellow Raisins

Honey Sesame Almond & Peanut (130g) - Almond , Peanut , Honey , Sesame Seed.
Roasted Almond & Peanut are coated with honey and sprinkle with sesame seed.
Delicious Honey sweet nuts with sesame seed.

Ingredients: Almond, Peanut, Sesame Seed, Honey, Brown Sugar, Salt

Antioxidant Boost (200g) - Apricot , Wolfberry, Cranberry, Blackcurrant. Mixture of 4 anti-oxidant berries. Best to mix with Oats & Yogurt. The antioxidant  word is enough to tell you what are the benefit by taking this healthy snacks.

Ingredients: Dried Apricot , Dried Wolfberry, Dried Cranberry, Dried Blackcurrant

Healthy Nut Mix (140g) consist of Pecan , Almond , Cashew , Hazelnut, Peanut.
This snack is the signature healthy snacks and also one of my favourite snacks. This snack is low carb, high protein snacks that satisfy your hunger between meals and improves your diet results. No added sugar. Gluten, dairy and preservative free.

All of the different type of nuts except peanuts are roasted without any seasoning. You can taste the natural taste of each different nuts. Only the peanuts are lightly salted.

Ingredients: Pecan , Almond , Cashew Nut , Hazelnut , Lightly Salted Peanut (Himalayan Rock Salt)

[LIMITED] Simply Cookies Gingerbread Man - Xavier (2 piece)Soft-baked cookies with grainy cornflakes. Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Eggs, Milk, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Ginger, Cinnamon.

Xavier the Gingerbread Man is available in Signature Snack. This is the surprise pack which I have click into the website when ordering. Something special for this amazing Christmas.

Simply Cookies

Simply Cookies is a social enterprise that trains single mothers how to bake, provides baking equipment for them, then sells the cookies for them. Simply Cookies break the poverty cycle of single mothers by giving them economic opportunities with the flexibility to balance motherhood and financial independence by providing baking equipment, materials and training to bake delectable cookies from home.

Signature snack use 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives. That's why I enjoy munching on these healthy snack that boost up my energy level and keep me healthy.

Merry Christmas!!

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