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We visited Shinjiro Izakaya Yakitori an authentic, casual and contemporary Japanese cuisines that offered varieties of Yakitori from poultry, beef, seafood and vegetables. Located at Ground Floor @ Tropicana City Mall, Shinjiro is just opened for 4 months. This is a Family casual dining restaurant that offers wide range of menu. Besides skewers, you can go for salad, side order, small plates menu, rice bowls, pasta, desserts and etc.  
Bright orange colour lighting that looks inviting with friendly staff welcoming you

Great dining environment with charming wall decorations. You can unwind yourselves with cocktails servings, whisky or sake in this Izakaya Japanese concept restaurant.

Relaxing dining atmosphere with Japanese deco. Shinjiro served fusion and Japanese cuisines with Chef having more than 10 years of culinary experience. 

Complimentary edamame for every table.

We ordered Fresh carrot juice and orange juice
Mixed Seaweed with Baby Shrimp. Serving of Japanese fried lotus, mixed lettuce, seaweed, and cherry tomatoes, Simple dressing with citrus and the crispy crunch from the shrimp is definitely a good one.Refreshing healthy salad to kick start our meal.
In Shinjiro, The usual practice to grilled the meat are using only the Shio (sea salt and pepper) on the Japanese charcoal. The staff are well trained to ensure the Yakitori is well cooked and grilled to perfection. The skill is on how to control the fire and keep turning the fresh meat and vegetables.

There are 6 choices of sauce to choose at your preference. The sauce choices are the Sweet & Sour, Chilli, Garlic Chili, Salsa, Teriyaki and Sesame Pistachio. They use different kind of sauce to balance up the taste of each skewers.You can choose yourselves or you can ask the chef to recommend the best combination for you. An open concept kitchen that patrons can enjoy watching them in action.

Highly recommended Mix Tempura. This is not the usual tempura flour that I have tasted. It was actually wrapped with beancurd skin and fried to perfection. Crispy in every bite and unique combination of prawn, squid and Japanese sweet potatoes.

Scallop skewers - I enjoy the sweetness taste from the teriyaki sauce
Minced Beef Ball
Delicious Thigh Teriyaki
Okra. For other vegetables selection, you can opt for sweet corn, leak, tomato, mushroom, sweet potato and crispy tofu
Crispy tofu topped with Japanese flakes
Cheezy Gyoza with mix berry compole
One of my favourites - Chicken Wings with Shio sauce - Perfectly grilled and each part of the meat are evenly balance on the cooked meat and flavour. Deliciously moist, tender chicken meat and a crispy glazed skin.
Flavourful Squid Tentacles. Other seafood selection includes Scallops, Shrimps, Tuna, Whole Pacific Saury, Fillet Mackerel, Pregnant Fish, Squid and Salmon 
Oven Baked Oysters cheese (3 pieces) serving as in the menu. The fresh baked oysters is beautifully plated and topped with ebiko. Although I seldom take oyster, but this oven baked oysters is really tasty.

Breast Fillet with Mentaiko Sauce
Unagi Rice Bowl. My first experience having such fusion rice bowls in a Japanese restaurant. Delightful meal that I enjoy it very much with perfect balance serving of unagi, egg, and vegetables. Love those fried lotus too.

Shinjiro Fried Rice. Japanese fusion fried rice with combination of vegetables (carrot and capsicum), crispy shrimp and layered with a nicely done poached eggs. 

For chocolate lovers, you can try the Nutty Chocolate Finger. Thick and rich chocolate with nutty flavour .This will surely enough to give the kids a treat as in my kids who loves chocolates.
Perfect dessert option -  Luscious Green tea tiramisu that you must try.

Currently you can enjoy the lunch and dinner bento price start from RM 18.90. For lunch hour it starts from 11am to 3 pm and dinner starts from 3pm onwards.Comes with salad+soup and+ rice in each bento set.
Unlimited skewer - Eat all you can for only RM 47.90. Complimentary serving of miso soup and pasta with special sauce (beef).  No sharing policy. Each person need to order one set and you can just ask for server for availability once you enter the restaurant. You can savour all kinds of skewers.  Available from 6pm onwards.

Delectable Yakitori that you must check this out.

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Shinjiro Izakaya Yakitori Restaurant
Lot G-06, Ground Floor,
Tropicana City Mall, 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel : 03-7732 2986

Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm Daily.

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