QashGift - Innovative Digital Gift Giving Platform All Set To Revive The Joy Of Gift Giving!

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QashGift - Innovative Digital Gift Giving Platform All Set To Revive The Joy Of Gift Giving!
Gift-giving is a billion dollar industry. It feels wonderful receiving a gift. Every day, millions of shoppers hit the stores in full force both online and on foot searching frantically for the perfect gift. Aside from purchasing holiday gifts, most people regularly buy presents for other occasions throughout the year, including corporate gifts, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, dinner invitations, parties, and baby showers. This frequent experience of gift-giving can create ambivalent feelings in gift-givers. Many relish the opportunity to buy presents because gift-giving offers a powerful means to build stronger bonds with one’s closest peers, friends, customers, family members and loved ones. At the same time, many dread the thought of buying gifts; they worry that their purchases will disappoint rather than delight the intended recipients. It is with this premise that QashGift was born.
QashGift brilliantly combines the flexibility of cash and the thoughtfulness of a specially hand-picked gift with a few easy clicks on your mobile or computer.
Brought to you by accomplished boutique web design and development outfit, Kemuncak Jaya Teknologi, QashGift is a unique digital solution that transforms the act of gift-buying into a wonderful shopping experience for everyone. With QashGift, gift buyers no longer find the process of selecting an appropriate gift a daunting one. In fact, they can rest assured that their recipients end up with the exact gift they desire. Naturally so, because their recipients pick out their own gift using their received QashGift account QR code! Meanwhile, recipients never have to receive another redundant gift that just sits in the closet, unused, again.

Ideal for the tech-savvy urbanites with fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules, QashGift fits seamlessly with its user-friendly, time saving, high security and smart gift-giving process. The QashGift process begins with gift buyers sending a gift to anyone with just their email address and mobile number. The gift will be directed to their QashGift account. If they do not have a QashGift account, they can create one instantly for free. The recipients then head to a merchant’s store and provide their QashGift QR code. Then, the cashier scans the QashGift QR Code and will prompt the recipient to input their 6 digit verification pin. Upon approval, they will key in the amount of redemption and they will receive a digital receipt confirming their redemption upon approval.
With reputable merchants like EHSAN Living Style, Gloria Jeans, Circle K, Airwheel Malaysia, Garden of Eden Organic Skincare, My Eye Optometry, Raqtive, OriginalOmin, and many more, both buyers and recipients will be spoilt for choice. From as low as RM20, gift buyers can easily purchase multiple gifts from a variety of merchants from the comforts of their home with an attached personalized voice greeting.

Welcoming introduction by Celebrity Emcee Nadia Heng on QashGift Mobile Application 

Send Gifts thru QashGift using these simple steps:
 Step 1: Log in to QashGift account.
Register with your mobile no and email address / Log in via your Facebook account.

Step 2: Choose a Merchant. Select an amount of your gift.
Step 3: Select a Recipient.
Step 4: Record your personalized voice greeting or type your message.

Make Payment
Step 5: Thank you for your purchase.

You have just sent a gift! Share the good news of QashGift to your friends.
Step 6: Check the summary of your purchases. 


 Step 1: Log in to QashGift account
Register with your mobile no and email address / Log in via your Facebook account
 Step 2: Check the gift in your account.

Step 3: Click on the QR button to retrieve your QR code, scan the QR code at the retail outlet to redeem the gift. 

Speech by Mr. Samir Younes Business Development Director of Kemuncak Jaya Teknologi
“Both givers and recipients prefer cash as it is hassle free for the buyer and a sure hit with recipients. But let me ask you this; do you remember how it felt the last time you received a gift that you really liked? The joy, love and excitement you felt is something cash can never replace. This is what QashGift is about; Giving gifts, smartly. Everyone wins!” said Mr. Samir Younes Business Development Director of Kemuncak Jaya Teknologi.
“QashGift is user-friendly, time-saving and a smarter way to purchase gifts for everyone, for every occasion and at anytime! With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, there is no better time to get on the QashGift bandwagon now!”       

With QashGift, it is not only gift buyers and recipients who benefit. QashGift allows merchants to be a part of an increasingly high tech digital world at a minimal cost, while providing a new and trendy way to expand their customer base, increase revenue, enhance brand recognition and engage customers all at once. 
I get to enjoy the hot Americano from Gloria Jean's Coffees during this event

The moments that we are waiting for - The lucky draw time

Photo credit to Ruth Wong
The prize is very attractive and media get the chance for the special lucky draw today. I am one of the lucky winner!! Excited and extremely happy won a 2D 1N room stay in Pullman Bangsar. That is going to be the best Christmas gift to spend my holiday with my lovely kids and hubby.

Here are the list of the Lucky Draws worth RM7480 (AirWheel – 1x worth RM3500, Snooker Cue – 1 set RM1800, Philip Blender 1x worth RM180). We had a nice group photo together with all the winners.

Thanks Qashgift for the goodies bag. And now I can use the discount code to purchase a special gift for my loved ones to surprised them for this festive season.

Retailers who are interested to provide QashGift facility for their customers can sign-up their business account at the QashGift website at or call the hotline number at 03-2035 5858.

QashGift is available in both desktop & mobile versions. Meanwhile, Android and iOS users can look forward to utilizing the QashGift app from December 15, 2015 onwards.


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