Playing Monopoly Game with my Kids @ Quill City Mall

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Thinking where to spend our Christmas holiday? I am sure everywhere is crowded especially shopping mall in MidValley, 1 Utama and Sunway Pyramid although I really wanted to bring my kids to visit this three places to see the Christmas deco which we have yet to visit until now. Why not We go to Quill City Mall to try our luck to play the Monopoly Game? I told hubby about it and he agreed! And the kids? of course they don't know what is Monopoly. They only know Cartoon TV Show and their IPAD.! Sigh.

We reached Quill City Mall at 12.30 noon and there are still many parkings available. Smooth traffic today and we managed to grab two packs of XL Pampers at AEON Jusco for only RM 29.90 each. For a total receipt of RM 50, we are qualified to play the Monopoly game at Ground Floor. Huge Monopoly board game for us to steps on it and it was so real. We register ourselves and I am Player No. 1!. Excited! I have been playing this kind of board game with my siblings, cousins and my grandma when we are young kid and this does brings lots of sweet memories especially the moments we have fun and spend time together with my grandma. I really miss her a lot. We used to play Monopoly, Saidina, Millionaire, card games and other board games. That's how we used to spend our time during weekends and school holiday with laughter and we can spend almost half a day to finish up a game.

I am ready and my three kids are going to follow me together, while hubby took some of the photos here. We are brief on the games rules and on each steps we reach at any destination, we will be guided (either to purchase a land, need to pay anything, or need to open any card, and if lucky we will be given a free voucher on the spot if we step on any merchant!) I do hope to get more food voucher.
My first purchase that costs me RM 200. The staff will help us to roll the dice and they will show us where to stand.

Our first voucher - Yeah Pancake !
Open the chance card for next steps and got fine
Only 3 players. So we can have more chance to get more vouchers. Each session only 15 minutes. So we have to move fast.

To be fair, they will roll the dice quite high.
Oh No! We have to go inside the Jail. And we are lock inside the cage for two times.. We are laughing and I don't even know what's the reason I was lock inside. Just realize our dice is roll twice with the same number and happen the same again on the 3rd time.

Lucky enough we managed to get the same number to get out from the jail twice also.  Hey Mr. Monopoly is there to visit us..

This is the voucher I received. Lucky enough to get the food voucher which I can redeem immediately without purchasing anything and the expiry date is within 3 months. Even though we are trapped in to Jail twice, we managed to get at least some vouchers from the game. 
Papa wanted to play too. After we dine in at Tappers Cafe, we got another RM 50 receipt. So we quickly go down to Ground Floor to register again to play the Monopoly game. Just in time for another game and this round they have 5 players.My two girls wanted to follow papa while my son and I sit on the chair waiting the game to start.

Daddy is player no .4 and here is the given money in a zip bag. Total is RM 1,500. He have a different experience where he received both Chance card and Community Chest. Surprised and anxious to know what is written on the card. Yes worried to see if that is bankrupt card. Lucky the first card is just asking to pay hospital fee of RM 100 and in return of another card open saying that he was paid RM 150. My girls have fun following him in each steps and waiting slowly for their turns.

We both did not managed to win the first prize. I love the game and the fun we had together.

We have so much fun playing the board game. So huge and so lively. My kids are happy too. Glad to explore to them about this Monopoly game in such a way. Hardly have such opportunity to play a gigantic size of Monopoly in a shopping mall. Memorable day and fun weekend with my kids. They are more happy to receive many balloon sculpture from the friendly clown and my house are now full of colourful balloons.

This wonderful activity is until tomorrow 27 Dec 2015. Time is 12-4pm & 5pm to 9pm. Just purchase anything from Quill city mall outlet above RM 50 and redeem one entry. Moreover, with the same receipt, you can get a free photography session with immediate print out.

Merry Christmas!!
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