Hello Kitty Go Around in Malaysia @ Viva Home

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Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia is happening from now until 19 Jan 2016Japan’s iconic Hello Kitty will be down in KL with her Sanrio buddies for a month-long carnival. Expect a vintage American carnival theme with displays of Hello Kitty artworks, game booths and workshops. This surely makes the kids excited especially those for Hello Kitty fans. We reached early to Viva Home and my kids are so happy when I told them that we are going to see Hello Kitty. At the Ground Floor, we spotted a very beautiful Hello Kitty Ferris wheel and besides are the ticketing counter. We took the escalator up to Level 2 and here are the main ticketing counter to purchase the entrance ticket.

Still early at 11am, but people are start queuing up to get ready to go inside.

Entrance ticket price. During Weekdays, Each purchased ticket will entitle you for two game vouchers, a limited edition lanyard and a collectible card.

Special day
will be the appearance of Hello Kitty ( Stage Performance)
Yeah! here is our hello kitty ticket

The road map to show what to explore inside the hello kitty land. We open the red curtain to go inside and greeted with welcome by the friendly staff. They ask us to take a photo with the Hello Kitty Merry Go Round and this photo you can purchase for RM 15. With photo frame is additional charges. We are not allowed to take any photo in this area. Next, my kids choose the left side that leads us to the games booth section.

In total there are 7 games booth.
You can purchase additional game vouchers here for RM 12.50 each or RM 50 for 5 pieces vouchers with 4 Hello Kitty limited edition card. The staff is really nice and smiley faces as I walk along and approach by them explaining to me how this game voucher works and how to redeem it. They are well trained and helpful too. 

Wanna make your own tote bag?

Kitty Totes bag by Dear Daniel - For paying RM 28 you will get a tote bag and 4 different stamps + one free Hello Kitty limited edition badge.
For more stamps, there will more charges
We walk around to see what are the games offered here. The winning items is really cute with Hello Kitty soft toys

Skill to throw. You need some practice on this section.
Vacuum the balls

Within 20 seconds need to get the balls inside the small holes as fast as you can

Save the goldfish
Sanrio Cinema. When we go inside, I am expecting a surprise awaits me

But only this big screen of decorative wall with Hello Kitty! They can at least put a cartoon show and put on few bean bags for the kids to watch some show to keep them entertain.
(Just my opinion), My girl was asking me where is the surprises mum? Nothing to see here..

Lucky enough, this workshop is free for trial and the kids can sit there quietly to finish up this masterpiece. My girls love it so much and they spend almost 30 minutes here. Mummy can walk freely taking some nice pictures outside first.The only free activity for the kids here to have fun and yes to keep them occupied with something because they are nagging me for the game booth and Hello Kitty lollipop. Oh ya my girl was asking mummy, any playground here?? Speechless.

The staff teaching my girl how to put inside the small diamond according to the alphabet and symbol. This is a very good craft for them to test on their creativity, patience and great bonding time with parents too.
Comes in a neat small plastic bag to store the different colour diamond glitters and you can purchase a box from DIY shop to store them up.

Lovely Hello Kitty Memory Garden

Now we are at Apple Temple. All are designed exactly like the Japanese wishing wall. You need to purchase a token to redeem a coin to make a wish

Eye catching Hello Kitty Post Office.

This is really interesting to check it out

Sanrio Friends Express. Initially, I thought this is a free ride. Yes this is free. Free to take photos inside only. Not a ride.

 Bus Stop?

 Stage performance only during special day 

Come. Let's pick the fresh flowers for photo shooting.
Light snacks section selling drinks and popcorn
Official Hello Kitty Goods Shop

Nice goodies
The girls are aiming for lollipop and sweets Free tasting on the candies

So cute packaging
Toy Shop

You can take photos here with your complimentary game voucher ticket or you need to purchase additional voucher if you don't have it. Immediate print out for you.

Hello Kitty Go Around Cafe

 Sit back and relax. You can dine in here with few choices of snacks, cakes, muffins and drinks.

At a glance, this looks like the soft toys machines we always saw in the play area for the kids. The staff told us that we can actually go inside and take pictures. Wow!!! This is really cool and the real surprise to all of us!
Now Let's catch papa head. The girls are having fun with this fashion catchers

Come and pick me up girl
You can collect your first photo taken earlier with the Hello Kitty Merry Go Round here at the Photo Shop
The final photos together before leaving and the girls get pampered for the fruits lollipop (RM 3 each).

Exit place will lead us to this merchandise store selling all Hello Kitty items

We went down to Ground Floor and get a stamp chop by showing our Hello Kitty entrance ticket and we can enter here to take pictures with Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel. My girls are more happy to receive the balloon sculpture from the clown at the information counter. Lovely heart shape.
We have a wonderful day inside the Hello Kitty Land and my kids have fun taking pictures. Our most memorable section are the Fashion Catcher, Apple Temple, Workshops, Memory Garden and the Sanrio Friends Express.

Positive Side: 
1. I am impressed with the staff inside. All are youngsters with smiley faces, helpful,energetic, friendly and approachable. They are well trained with information when I ask them question. Each booth and places I pass by, they will greet me with a big smile and explain how the game booth works. They also suggest which game to play to get a high chance to win prizes. They suggested Mama Kitchen.

2.The game booth offers only Hello Kitty Merchandise (Pillows, soft toys and etc).

3. The walking area are wide and clean.

4. Clear signage on each Hello Kitty section to check out and full information on the price and instruction to follow ( Example on the tote bag section, workshops, and etc)

5. Not crowded as to compare to previous Doraemon Expo. So I can freely taking pictures without hurrying to another place to take turns to take pictures.

6. I can touch the Hello Kitty statues to take pictures.

Negative Side:
1. Please bring more cash. Everything inside is chargeable. I was quite upset when they ask us to pay for the coin at the Japanese wishing wall (Apple Temple). It needs a ticket to exchange with the token and will provide you a mini gift. As for the game booth, additional game you need to purchase yourselves. For those tote bag, post office stamp card and photo session also need additional charges. If you wish to dine in here, do expect a higher price on the food and beverages as well. As for the merchandise, I am sure you know what is the price range for Hello Kitty items.

2. No playground area for the kids. I was expecting probably a single ride for them. Here is mainly photo session and a small mini land (with imagination). But kids are more interested on what they can do inside besides the game booth (which some game are not suitable for toddlers age 6 below). The only activity suites them is the workshop with glitters puzzle.

3. The cinema was a drawback because nothing to see inside besides the big wall Hello Kitty deco.

4. No performances and special appearance of Hello Kitty characters during weekdays.

5. Overall, if you are just taking a tour inside, within an hour you can finish taking up the photos.

If you ask me is it worth it? Honestly, this expo is average and do not put a high expectation. For Hello Kitty fans ( like my girls), they both enjoy it. Myself? Not a real fans of Hello Kitty, but I do enjoy taking pictures inside and probably shop around to check out the limited edition items, but the price for the game booth area is really burning a hole in my pocket. As Hello Kitty Go Around In Malaysia happen maybe just once in KL area, maybe you can check them out instead to drive up 4 hours to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Johor.

Hello Kitty Go Around in Malaysia
Date: 19th December 2015 – 19th January 2016
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm
(Admission is allowed up to 45 minutes before closing time)
Ticketing Counter Opening Hour: 10.00am – 9.00pm
2nd Floor, VIVA Home Expo Hall
85, Jalan Loke Yew
55200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : Tel: 03-61423422
Email : enquiry@hellokittygoaround.com.my