Dah Makan (Eat Better Everyday)- Healthy Lunchbox Delivery to your Doorstep

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'Dah Makan'? The simple and easy to remember word that we use in our daily conversation asking your friend or family member ' Have you Eat?'. Dah Makan is another online food delivery chain that have gain popularity in the online business and it does helps us (the working people) to provide us food delivery at our doorstep. It helps when rainy days or we could not make time for our lunch due to tight meetings.

Dah Makan started when Jess - a crazy foodie - talked with Jon and Chris - busy techies - about how simple it should be to eat delicious food everyday. Healthy gourmet lunch and dinner delivery in Klang Valley for all you hardworking office-goers, gym bunnies and instagramming foodies. Made with the freshest ingredients, cooked daily and crafted with love from Executive Chef Shamsul, and delivered straight to you. All their meats are from halal-certified suppliers and our kitchen and equipment is pork free and alcohol free. They work out of a commercial and fully licensed kitchen. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
Dah Makan are a registered caterer with a fully licensed, commercial kitchen. Their Executive Chef Shamsul has over 25+ years experience in hotels such as the Sheraton and Hilton. They cater for group orders for gathering, events and company functions.
Dah Makan have extensive menu ranged from Local, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese and etc.

Dah Makan creates healthy gourmet lunch and dinner, pprepared all the food with the freshest ingredients and quality reassured, MSG-free and delivery right to your doorstep.

I placed my ordered for Lunch 17th December (Thursday) - Christmas Special Chestnut Stuffed Chicken with Trio Roast Root Vegetables - Without drinks / No snacks (RM 19)

The delivery boy reached on time and I was impressed by the packaging.The box came with a set of cutlery and nicely wrapped.

The picture illustration from the website.
Chef Shamsul brings the best of his 5* hotel experience with this traditional Christmas fare of chestnut stuffed chook dressed with a peppery mushroom sauce and a trio of roasted root vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potato and potato) (685kcal)

Flavorsome and tender chicken meat with healthy serving of potatoes, pumpkins and peas. I love the pairing of mushroom sauce

My lunch box have this ingredients:-

Lemon Juice
Sweet Potato
Salt & Pepper
Olive oil

Healthy meals that keeps me energize and one lunch box is enough to provide me complete nutrition.

How to Order

It's as easy as 1-2-3 (and 4)

  1. View this week's new menu and place your order - at least before 10am the day of delivery.
  2. They will call you between 11:30am - 1:00pm when your order is about to arrive. 
  3. Pop down and meet their friendly driver in the office lobby (the one with the big smile on their face).
  4. Enjoy your tasty lunchbox and come again to order for the rest of the week!
Same day deliveries are only available in limited quantities so pre-order to avoid disappointing your stomach!