Alvin & The Chipmunks Movie Day / J & G Fried Chicken / DC Comics Superheros Cafe @ Sunway Putra Mall

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 I decided to bring my 3 kids to watch Alvin and The Chipmunks together for the very first time today at Sunway Putra Mall since we have 4 free movie tickets received from our redemption of Sunway Pals last month during the anniversary roadshow. This free movie ticket only can used at Sunway Putra Mall and we reached at 11am at the TGV ticketing counter. It was empty and we showed our complimentary tickets. The staff told me that I need to top up RM 7 for that tickets. I was confused and ask him to clarify again. He mentioned that the free tickets I am holding is just a discount ticket for standard movie seats. For weekend I need to top up RM 2 because the usual price is RM 13. The free standard movie is RM 11. After the explanation I still cannot figure out why they give such free movie tickets in which the terms are not stated clearly. So we pay additional RM 8 for the 4 tickets and my girls are looking at the popcorn. 

We queue up and the staff mentioned that only LARGE popcorn is available. I ask any regular or small size popcorn. She reply no! They just want to earn more because of the Star Wars movie is a hit now and they only offered combo package which comes with a large popcorn, drinks and the limited edition Star Wars keychain for RM 22.90. We only have two choice either large popcorn + drinks is RM 16.90 or the StarWars combo. Of course the Star Wars combo sounds more worth it. But my kids are just nagging for fun and they will not be able to finish that LARGE POPCORN. So I tell hubby let's go. We are not going to purchase anything. And my girls start to cry and keep talking about the popcorn. I managed to persuade her with something else in my bag (Yeah kids need many many surprised in my baby bag).
Our family first movie together. Cheh cheh first movie in Cinema at the age of 5 years old. Movie ticket is expensive and I do worried will they like this movie and can they behave inside for 60-90 minutes?? Will the music and sound system too loud? Are they going to be scare in the dark? And the most important thing, I do worried if they tell me I wan to poo poo. But as a mummy, i am well prepared.  Although this is my first time, I will learn from experience and will do better in our next visit.
He is extremely excited telling me where is the Chipmunk!
The movie was awesome. For 90 minutes, my kids are behave. They seated properly on the chairs, I keep them occupied with food and snacks. They enjoy the movie very much. Humorous, laughter, dance and lots of music inside. I love it too and the musics played really make you wanna dance together with the cute Chipmunks and Chipettes. The story line was great and adventurous and again Alvin make up lots of mess and troubles. The most funny part is how they get together and find way to Miami to look for Dave ( the animals appearance on the plane and tricks to escape from Suggs).

After the movie, we went to J & G Fried Chicken which i wanted to visit. Mum told me I must try the fried chicken. I am actually here to redeem free voucher.

Our free voucher to redeem fried squid and a cold tea. The fresh fried squid is delicious and crispy.Thanks to Choi Yen for selecting hubby as winner.

We go down to Level 2 to try the food at DC Comics Superheroes Cafe (Besides JuiceWorks). My boy are jumping to joy when he see Batman and Superman. A cafe and also selling Superheros merchandise. The price is quite expensive for the ice blended drinks and the food as well. But since this is our first visit, we wanted to try something different and yes wanted to take pictures of food with the Batman or Superman logo. We ordered the food at the counter and the staff is friendly telling me and explain to me that I can request any drinks and can put which character want. I requested for Batman logo for cappuccino hot drinks and order a waffle for my kids.
Spacious seats with superheros logo printed on the chairs. We can have our complimentary free warm water there (self service)
RM 12 Cappuccino . They give me Superman logo instead.

Metropolis Hero RM 16 - Blueberry & Strawberry waffle with vanilla ice cream and toppings. My kids love this desserts. Fluffy on the inside and yummy toppings.
All comes with nett price.
Pleasant Saturday with my lovely kids