The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Roadshow @ MidValley Megamall

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Since both of us took a day off, we decided to bring the kids to the StarWars roadshow at Midvalley today to take a chance to sit on the X-Wing to snap a memorable photos. I read up some articles saying only 150 people per day for the photosession so we reached early at Midvalley at 10.20 am and many people start queuing up. We got 4 passes and each person stand a chance to sit inside and take photos. We are no 068 so almost half queue already. Lucky enough that we are early hubby said. He was pretty excited and start taking photos surroundings. The staff are there to assist us to take photos and will ask us to look at their cameras at the side and we can collect the printed photos later on.
Here is our passes

Now my little girl is lack of patience keep dragging my leg to go in front..she nonstop nagging say " Let's Go..go go go go go........go go go..the people in front of her also smiling..some may find her irritating and some are shaking their head maybe. For me ..i just treat her like singing a song. Everyone have to queue up dear...sigh
Finally we are here sitting inside the Star Wars X-Wing. My two girls are excited and little mei mei wanted to sit inside her self.So mummy have to just sit at the side. And said Cheese!

Papa is flying his own Star Wars X-Wing! Cool!

Waiting for our photos here

Honestly, we are very very disappointed with the outcome of the pictures! Queuing for 15 minutes and they just took the middle pictures zoom in to see our faces. I was expecting the guy will take our photos sitting inside with the angle of the whole X-Wing Star Fighter.

I don't mind if my face pictures are smaller, coz when we sit inside, firstly, the staff (on the left hand side) will snap our close pictures with our own cameras / phone. Next, we are asked to look at the right side and take another pictures using their camera. I am sure many people complaining about it. Unless you bring more family members, you can ask them to stand at the right side to snap your pictures. Better still!

Hubby took this pictures from Level 1..Much more clearer rite? That's what I want to explain on the left side, the staff will assist you to the staircase and hold your camera to take a close up pictures for you. Then you turn your head to the right side and the stand by camera man is there to ask you to smile / pose. (That was my sitting position inside the X-Wing when I mention right and left side ya)

They should have placed someone at the better angle for our photosession!

Star Wars Battlefront booth for all game lovers to try the exciting new game 

Still crowded at 12noon.. I wonder if they really limit to 150 people per day???

This event is until 29 Nov 2015 (Sunday) only.So hurry up and drop by here.