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After watching the Astro Channel 318 - GoShop introduce another amazing product that captures our attention. We find it very useful for our room especially with the kids pillow and bedsheet. We need this portable high suction vacuum to help our daily cleaning in our room. Selling for only RM 199, we ordered it online and delivery was fast. We check all in order and comes in few accessories together. 
1. 180 degree swing brush head
2. Crevice suction tool
3. Bed Brush
4. 360 Degree round brush
5. Dust Container
6. Filter with base
7. Additional Filter for free
8. Extension pipe for extended reach

Light and the wiring is enough long to reach my bed. Shimono Vacuum cleaner separates dust and air effectively in one go. 

The accumulated dirty dust. Yucks...
I need to do more cleaning now with this powerful vacuum cleaner

We are satisfy with this product. Portable, easy to use and the result is excellent. Managed to clean all the dust especially on the pillow case and bed sheet.

Moreover, special accesories to clean the floor, the curtains, and you can also use to vacuum your car ( the seats and pillows case or even children car seats)

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Love how this vacuum looks like. I'm sure its easy to use and very lean. Nilfisk Distributor Philippines

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