Restoran Sek Tak Pow @ Prima Setapak Kuala Lumpur

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Restoran Sek Tak Pow is newly opened at Prima Setapak, the same row as Restoran Makanan Sky and beside a car wash shop. Facing the main road, you will easily noticed this place if you are familiar with the shoplot and restaurant in Jalan Genting Kelang and Prima Setapak Area. Restoran Sek Tak Pow is a chap fan or mix rice restaurant with lots of choices and quality assurance on the ingredients. They are concerned on the hygience and home cooked food for customers to enjoy the food. We are there for their grand opening today and glad to be the first to try their specialty homemade fried chicken.

Emphasize and concerned on the hygiene. Each staff are well trained and they will help you to take your preferred dishes in orderly manner. 
Simple and clean environment for you to have your quick lunch or dinner

Array of fresh dishes prepared daily basis. Wide selection of vegetables, fish, meat, pork, chicken, egg, taufu, fried chicken, curry, and etc. Balance meal and you will spoils by so many choices here.

Homecooked food with simple style of cookings that are suitable for all age.

Must try their home made recipe of fried chicken. Crispy and moist fried chicken. (RM 3 per piece) 
Aromatic White Coffee drinks. You can also choose for tea or herbal drinks
RM 5 Chap Fan - Selection of chicken wrapped with pandan leaves, fried fish roll and sweet and sour fish. Flavourful and crispy at every bite.
Freshly cooked on the spot - Fried Chicken
RM 6.50 - Pretty reasonable with meat and vegetables
Complimentary Filter water serve to every customer

Affordable price and clean dining environment. Each meal are comes with free water. You may want to check out this new mix rice stall to explore different kind of dishes that they offered here. Perfect place for studying students that are in budget and yes convenient place for family crowd like me to grab (ta pau) a quick dishes for dinner.

Restoran Sek Tak Pow @ Prima Setapak Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Prima Setapak 1
Kuala Lumpur

Opens at 11am to 9pm