Origami Santa Clause together with the kids @ Jerlynn'L Midvalley

Thursday, November 26, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

After our lunch at Sepiring, we pass by this lovely kiosk in the center court of Level 1 @ Jerlynn'L. My girl spotted the magnetic board and cute stools to sit on it and drag me inside to check out this place. I saw there are colourful paper santa clause that attracts me to ask the staff is this activities free of charge? Bubbly and friendly young girl staff told me yes..absolutely free, Just sit there and she will teach my kids to do it together. Firstly, they will need to choose their favourite origami colour and then they can start to make the santa suit and santa cap.

The outcome was great with the staff assistance and the girls are very happy with their santa clause.

Comfortably sitting there enjoying the activities with my kids
Jerylnn’L, embarks on a virtuous journey to promote proper skin care habits to children, is an advocate of preventive and regenerative children’s skin care. All products are safe or children and good to discover that they have body lotion, body wash, hair wash and even mosquito repellent for the kids.

Waiting to write her own name 
Check out their FB page for more details
Hey! my santa suit and cap is finally done..is it look good? I did it myself

Fun day with my naughty kids and the young staff very kind to give me another santa clause paper origami for my little son at home. Also we get two samples of hair wash bottle to try on. Merry Christmas!!

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