Hayadon @ Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur

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Hayadon is the 'donburi' style of Japanese dish that served simple and delicious one-bowl meal. Healthy lifestyle with meat and vegetables at affordable price and you can enjoy the Japanese healthy diet meal here good for lunch and dinner as well.

Located at Level 4 Quill City Mall, Hayadon served quality ingredients and everything was measure on the nutrition and heatlhy meals for customer. You can order your food at the counter and they placed a neat cutlery at the side. 

Quick reference on their menu (Photo credit to Hayadon FB page)

Daily special treats at discounted price

Some of the facts to show how Hayadon bowl of noodles and rice difference from the rest of the Japanese Restaurant. A bowl of udon are using 100% traditional soup recipe, 100% Australian beef, and imported Sanugi Udon (the best quality of Udon served here charged in reasonable price. Meanwhile, for Don- They used daily fresh vegetables, Unique sauce recipe, succulent meat and premium Japanese rice.

Quick-service restaurant just like a fast food restaurant that specialize in Japanese rice dishes and noodle bowls. Hayadon emphasis in the nutrition, sufficient of protein, energy, metabolism in every single tasty bowl to encourage healthy living lifestyle through food. 
There are mainly 3 steps to orders.You need to choose your preferred Don + (add on), choose your Don portion and choose your drinks.

You can choose either the following:

1. Balance Don - 50% rice servings with 20% vegetables and meat & 10% sauce.

2. Diet Don- This will be a serving of little rice, and 40% are vegetables. This is ideal for ladies who wish to have a light lunch with more fibre.
Visit during 3pm to 6pm for HAPPY HOUR with your friends and family to enjoy the second at 50% OFF!

Ample of seats and comfortable dining environment
Wagyu Beef Udon served with tender beef meat, naruto(Japanese fish cake), seaweed, spring onion,  and sweet corns.

RM 14.90 - Set 
RM 12.90 - Ala Carte
Dry Spicy Chicken Egg Udon -This is the Japan's most expensive Udon, named Sanugi Udon, Chewy texture and blends well with the sauce. You need to mix the sauce and the floating egg together and slurp the noodles. This Udon taste perfectly delicious!

RM 14.90 - Set 
RM 12.90 - Ala Carte
Teriyaki Salmon Don - Healthy rice set with fresh salmon and flavourful teriyaki sauce. The portion is generous and balance meal with lots of seaweed, cabbages, carrots and mayo sauce.

RM 16.90 - Set 
RM 14.90 - Ala Carte 
Spicy Chicken Don Mayo - Amazingly crispy and tender chicken meat drizzled with mayo sauce. Highly recommneded and this was one of my favourite among all.

RM 14.90 - Set 
RM 12.90 - Ala Carte 
Don Curry Chicken -   Rich and flavorful Japanese curry served with chicken katsu. A quick meal to satisfy a curry cravings.

RM 14.90 - Set 
RM 12.90 - Ala Carte

Delectable Japanese meal
Highly recommended chili oil. Mild spicy thats perfect to go with the rice. The chili paste is garnished with fried onions, garlic and chili oil.

Surely boost up your appetite!

Side dishes choice of Edamame, PopCorn Chicken, Takoyaki, Dumpling, Octopus, Jelly Fish, Haya Salad, and fresh watermelons.
Miso soup and green tea drinks

Crispy and moist Bite size Popcorn chicken
Flavourful Takoyaki
Fresh and addictive Octopus
Hayadon serve Authentic Japanese fast food in this fast pace society at a very affordable price which suits to everyone.

Come and check out yourselves:-

Hayadon Quill City Mall
Unit 4-01, 4th Floor, Quill City Mall, 
1018, Jalan Sultan Ismail 
50250vKuala Lumpur 

Business Hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 10pm

The weld outlet opening soon