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We are glad to be invited to have a food tasting session at Gossip Time located at Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya which is just opened for 3 months. Chef Heow, the owner and the chef for Gossip Time shared with us that this restaurant concept is derived from their first outlet located in Cameron Highland named as Gossip Corner which gain popularity among the customers and tourist.  Being humble and passionate about the quality of the food, he always come out with new recipe and emphasize on home cooked food that everyone get to enjoy it. A family restaurant that offers many variety of food at affordable pricing.

Homey and simple restaurant settings that leaves you in a comfort mood to dine in.
Good news  for burger lovers. You can come here to challenge this champion guy who can finished the Gigantic burger in 5 minutes and 21 second. Who ever can break this record, you can eat what ever in the menu for FREE on the same day

Wide selection in the menu

They even have steamboat. 

We ordered the ice soda drinks with longan first and the Orange Yakult 
 Refreshing Green Apple Yakult

Hot Honey Lemon
Must try the Premium Hot White Coffee
Valuable set lunch available price from RM 9.90 onwards from 11am to 3pm (Mon - Fri)The set lunch come with a soup of the day, a glass of herbal drink & fruit.
We began our feast with their signature Special Curry Chicken Rice RM 8.90 
I will highly recommend this curry chicken rice. Homemade thick curry chicken with strong aroma. Mild spicy with tender chicken meat and generous portion on the chicken and potatoes as well. Perfect pairing with a plate of rice. 
Marvelously flavoured chicken curry. Yumm!
Prawn Wantan Mee Dry version RM8.90 (S) /RM9.90( L) - I prefer the soy sauce wantan mee rather than the soup wantan mee. Nice Springy texture and the noodle is perfectly cooked and go through the right boiling method. No 'kan sui' taste. As you can see in the pictures, you will be getting lots of minced pork meat and big size prawn dumplings.

Prawn Wantan Mee - RM8.90 (S) /RM9.90( L)
Slurping down the homemade noodle with succulent prawn dumplings in the soup. Worth mentioning is the effort to make the pork bone soup that need to be boil for 10 hours! No wonder it taste so good.
You can also choose for Curry Chicken Soup Wantan Mee - RM8.90 (S) /RM9.90 (L)
I am sure you have try Chili Pan Mee before. In Gossip Time, you can have something unusual 'Special Spicy Noodle King' - RM9.90 (S) /RM10.90 (L) .

Combination of 7 ingredients which are including chili, dried shrimp, spring onions and etc. The spicy blends will tickle your taste buds with heat. For spicy lovers, you can try this out. But I will prefer they scoop smaller portion on the chili at the side for me is more than enough.
Gossip Time own version of Satay Sauce Chicken Chop Rice - RM14.50. The chicken chop is delicious with generous portion on the chicken leg part layered with my favourite satay sauce. Unique and flavourful dish accompanied by the pork bone soup.
Mushroom Chicken RM 8.90. Comfort food that are quite satisfying with tender chicken meat that are braised for almost 40 minutes to get that nice texture with soft potatoes inside the thick gravy.

Finally the moment that we are waiting for - Burger King RM 24.90. They have both chicken or pork burger patty. Served with a bowl of curry and french fries. You can dip the bread into the curry sauce. Complicated to me on how to eat this huge burger packed with chicken chop, egg, tomatoes, pineapples, onions, lettuce, and sauce.
Pork Patty
Chicken Patty
Where to start ya? The huge burger is really a big challenge for me
Chicken Wings - RM8.90 (4 pcs). Moist and juicy chicken wing that leaves every bite so enjoyable. Good choice of a Light snack
We are surprised by the serving of Steamboat after all the main course servings.
 Steamboat - 24.90 per person

This steamboat serving is for 2 pax. One person serving is charged at RM 24.90 and there must be minimum order for 2 pax . Choices for both- Pork Bone Broth and Special Spicy Broth. 'Yin Yong' mix soup will be the best choice. As I mention before the pork bone soup is boiled for 10 hours, taste extremely rich and delicate in flavour.

The ingredients included in the set are large pieces of meat, seafoods , fish, noodles, pork fishballs with fillings, mushrooms, dumplings, crabsticks, noodles, eggs and vegetables. Fresh and generous servings on the ingredients. Savoury pork meatballs that you must try it yourselves. 

Moreover,The vegetables can be refill for free!

Nice place to dine in with good service with affordable price. Definitely will come back for their curry chicken and wantan mee. 

Gossip Time Restaurant
No.5, Jalan 20/14, 
Paramount Garden, 
46300, Petaling Jaya.

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 03-7872 9030

Facebook: Gossip Time