China Private Kitchen @ Pertama Residency Cheras Kuala Lumpur

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We are fortune to be the first to taste the authentic Chinese food originally from Hunan China that are located at Ground Floor, Pertama Residency @ Cheras KL. China Private Kitchen is just opened for 4 months and here you can find pure cooking style lead by the Chef from China. In total,they have 3 outlets operating in Hunan, China. We sample more than 7 dishes from the extensive menu. You can get varieties of meat here - Chicken,beef, pork, lamb, duck, quail, turtle, fish and pigeon. Using good quality ingredients in their cooking and homemade recipe that gives us the pure taste.
Wide, clean and comfortable dining space. Family restaurant that have both air conditioning and outdoor dining.

Hunan cooking style make extensive use of chilies. Hot foods such as red chili peppers helps them to handle the cold weather. Hunan dishes are normally made with fresh chili peppers, including the seeds and membranes which contain most of the heat, shallots and garlic. Simmering, steaming, stewing and frying are all popular Hunan cooking techniques. China Private Kitchen emphasizes towards healthier servings of food with less oil and less salt.

To suite Malaysian taste bud, the spiciness level has been reduce and customer also can choose to request them for steamed chicken or fish soup without adding any chili pepper especially those family with kids.

The front view

First and foremost we are serve with Seaweed Salad RM 5
Next, I am excited to see my favourite dish - Traditional cuisines of Kampung Chicken with chili. (RM 38 - Small & RM 68 - Big).The cooking is towards their hometown taste and they use lots of chili, garlic and ginger. It has the natural sweetness and tenderness from the kampong chicken and perfect combination of the spices. This dish is definitely perfect to go with white rice.
Lotus dish - RM 22. Crunchy and delicate flavour at every bite with some hint of spiciness. They grow their lotus themselves and therefore it is pure and more healthy. This vegetables is good to reduce heatness and a good source dietary fiber. The root provides healthy amounts of some important minerals like copperiron, zinc, magnesium, and manganese. 
Braised Pork hand RM 28 with homemade sauce. Flavoursome and tender meat. The whole pot is added with lots of dry chili and this mouth watering dish you must try if you are spicy lover. 
Boiled Fish Soup (Nonspicy). Nutritious and nourishing soup to warm up our body. Fresh fish boiled inside and the soup taste so good!
Steamed fish head with gingerSteaming is the purest style of cooking, which allows the natural flavor of the fish to shine through. The fish is topped with plenty of shredded ginger and you can taste the light sweetness from the chili pickles. Appetizing and aromatic dish which you must try if you are ginger lover like me. Simply irresistible!
Tribute Pepper Stew BullFrog with 2 types of chili pepper RM 48. The bullfrog is low in fat and tastes rather like chicken taste that are surpsingly good.
Tender and savoury bullfrog meat with mildly spicy taste.
Pork belly stired fried with chili (RM 22).This was the dish that every mother in Hunan China knows how to cook it and become their family dish. Succulent meat and the chili will tingle your tongue.
Comfort food - Serving of Cabbage RM 18. This dish may look simple but yet it does takes up a good skill to make the crunchy texture and the taste.
Hunan Signature Boiled Fish Soup RM 48 (Small), RM 68 ( Big)Classic Hunan dish that supply you with essential nutrients and proteins. Aromatic and fragrance soup when it was served on our table. The broth are rich and delicious with fresh fish meat which are delicate and smooth. They use less oil and salt in their cooking and creates a healthier spice but not heaty. Thumbs up for this dish!

Sizzling Thin sliced beef meat. Strong chili and pepper flavour that makes the whole restaurant have the aroma of spices.
Yee Mee RM 15 serving with prawn and egg. Using right temperature to cook this perfect texture which is not oily, and the yee mee maintain its chewy and springy texture 
(not too soft and too hard). Obviously this need lots of skills to make this dish full of "Wok Hei" .Satifsying comfort dish both love by the kids and adults.

Pumpkin Biscuit RM 12- I never try this snack before and once I have my first bite, it does impressed me much. Fresh homemade pumpkin biscuit that use only pumpkin paste and the texture was so crispy. Better to have it while it still hot. You must order this towards the end. Yummm.
Close conversation with Chef Ren and his lovely wife about the restaurant concept and the details for all the food served.

Enjoying another round of delectable cuisines packed with good nutrients and flavours with my foodies friends. Thanks to Ren and the chef for preparing the sumptuous food, and gratitude to Winnie and Hubby for the food tasting arrangement.

Great place for you to try out China cuisines and to experience yourself! The food will gives you a burning sensation in your tongue that makes you jump up. 

*If you spend more than RM 100, you are entitile for RM 20 cash voucher to be redeem on your next visit. The requirement is to spend RM 100 and above in order to use this voucher. Moreover, new menu of Steamboat Chili Crab is coming soon. So check out their FB for more updates.

China Private Kitchen
Ground Floor,
Pertama Residency,
Jalan 3/92B Jalan Kobena
Cheras Kuala Lumpur

(Parking will be at M Floor, upper level and there is a lift that you can take to go down to Ground floor heading towards the restaurant). You need to inform the staff your car plat number and they will provide the information to the security guard. No parking charges for those who dine in here)

Tel : 03-9201 7990

Business Hours: 12 noon to 10pm