Bubbles and Bites @ Maxims, Level 2 Resorts World Genting

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Our blogger event starts with a late lunch at Bubbles & Bites at Maxims, Level 2 Resorts World Genting. We savour good food with modern setting at Bubbles & Bites and it's a great opportunity to enter their kitchen to witness myself the process to make pasta and pizza.

The name ‘Bubbles & Bites’ is simple and it represents what it serves - simple western food with an exquisite array of drinks they call “Bubbles”, which are sparkling wines that are imported from Italy, Spain, France and other wine countries. It is solely for their customers to complement with their dishes, no matter how light or heavy their meals are. 

Bubbles & Bites' menu have a rather extensive range beginning with sumptuous starters, soups and salads, and then progressing on to freshly homemade pastas, burgers & sandwiches, pizzas, stews, sausages, pies and many more.

When we reached,we are greeted with welcome by Ms. Irene and showing us to our seats.

We all gather at the kitchen area and Meeting up with friendly Chef Khairul. He will be explaining to us on the ingredients to make pasta and pizza and how the techniques to make it using hand.
The only basic ingredients to make pasta are flour, 3 eggs, salt and olive oil

Mix those ingredients together evenly

The final perfect dough
Start rolling it

Scroll the dough left and right side to have the balance and to achieve the thin layer. Then, need to let it dry first for 5 hours before they can cook the pasta

Finally its done..each strand must be the same

Chef Khairul is the man behind the scene.He may only be 30 but make no mistake he is the man in charge, with his knowledge of Asian, western and contemporary cuisines coming into play at the restaurant to deliver memorable outcomes.
The chef who believes “cooking is art and art is heart,”
My souvenir..This is how it looks like when it is dry 

Pizza making process begins using

Farina di Pizzaiolo ‘oo’ dough

Each of us have the chance to hold it and feel the texture. Smells so good.

It's just like so simple to see Chef turning around the pizza dough by using just two hands together. This requires some techniques of course.

Putting on top some Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan cheese, onions and ham on the pizza dough

Ready to be bake for 5 to 10 minutes

Unique interior design concept adopted―modern and chic design as highlighted by such details as ceiling laser lighting. Bubbles and Bites have seating capacity of 143 seats. All sets in comfortable and relaxing dining environment.

Serve miniature bottles of sparkling wines, alcoholic sodas, juices, soft drinks, beers and wines from all around the world

Open concept kitchen

Upper floor with multiple seats

Casual continental cottage cuisine in a relaxing and rustic ambience.
Getting to know each other while waiting for the food to be served.
Admiring the deco here

 Bloggers in action
Healthy snack - House Special Avocado Fries with Tangy Sauce RM 31/ RM 34
Handmade pizza by the chef. Carbonara Pizza RM 33 / RM 36
Al-Dente' Squid Ink Pasta RM 31 / 34
Pasta cooked with seafood, garlic and tomato base. Generous portion on the fresh seafood 

Pasta Carbonara & Crispy Lamb Denver RM 26 / RM 29. This was my favourite although I  don't fancy carbonara taste. Combination of three types of mushroom and lamb bacon. Delicious and smooth pasta along with the crispy tender lamb meat. Awesome.
Imported juices from New Zealand. Choices of apple orange and apple currant. The best quench thirst drinks
8 hour Slow Braised Lamb Shank served on Cous Cous, RM 38 / RM 42. The signature dish of the day. I love it so much. Tender and succulent lamb meat.

Pesto Di Basilico RM 38 / RM 41

Thin layer pizza topped with Tomato base , pesto sauce , prawn and almond flakes

Italian Buffalo Margherita PizzaRM 55 / RM 58

The pizza is layered with tomato base , juicy buffalo cheese , fresh basil and dry aregano.
Bud Spencer Breakfast RM 30/ RM 33 
Loaded with Cheesy corned beef , american potatoes , caramelized onions and sunny sides eggs served just like in the wild wild west 

"Simply Fresh" Hamburger RM 28/ RM 31 
This is the servings of 200gm of fresh ground beef and wagyu lard , gruyere,half burnt onions and gherkins on a soft sesame seed bun. This is Chef's own recipe creation, using 75% meat and 35% fat.
The most wanted drinks - Bundaberg Root Beer. Taste so good and very refreshing to go with my meals

This is another great dish to mention. Fresh hot serving of Peri Peri Chicken Wing with Peri Peri sauce RM 23/RM 26. Crispy and tender chicken meat makes every bite so pleasurable
Ethiopian Chicken RM 28 / RM 31

Slow braised chicken with bread and sour cream. I was turned down by just looking at this dish. Looks dry and weird taste from the sour cream. Chef come and show us how to enjoy this Meditarinean dish. Cut the bread into smaller pieces, put a small pieces of chicken and the sauce along with the sour cream.Unbelievable.! It does taste good and quite addictive. The whole combination pair it very well

Delightful desserts - Chocolate Brownies RM 13/ RM 15. Rich and dense with strong chocolate flavour. 

Chef must be very happy coz we finished up all the food. Yummy
Sumptuous meal in Bubbles and Bites and their offerings does impress me with so many special culinary that I can enjoy in one place. Italian pizza, Mediterranean Chicken, chilled drinks and many more. Check this place yourselves.

* Prices in the menu are differentiated to two types - Member price and Non-Member price. You need to sign up as a Member of Resorts World Genting to enjoy this privilege . The cheaper price on the left obviously is the discounted price. 

Bubbles and Bites @ Maxims, Level 2 Resorts World Genting

Operating Hours
11.00am – 12.00 midnight

Weekends, Eve of Public Holidays & School Holidays
11.00am - 2.00am