11Street celebrate ‘LOVE 11’ day @ Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur

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 I came here to see the 11Street first roadshow one day event held at Lot 10 Ground Floor during the lunch hour. They set up a big space to welcome the celebrity 'Haha' and Emily Chan. Young crowd are sitting here start to wait to meet their idol and there are several booth setup for us to check out their products which are also available in the online website. 11Street website is quite popular now and my colleagues are all talking about it too. They influence me to explore the website and I do bought few products from the online shopping website which I personally felt reliable and satisfied with the quality and price offered. They have many discount and promotions going on from time to time.

Snap photo at any booth and get your immediate print out here. After tag your picutres in Instagram, we can join their Snap and Win contest with creative caption to win exciting prizes

 You will see lots of Pepero giveaway when you walk around Lot 10 area and they will ask you question first. 

11 Street near the Lot 10 entrance. Display of products of what they offered online

I got more Pepero standing there answering more question from the generous staff. 
Freebies received from the roadshow.
Nice photo from the Insta print out on the spot. Memorable day for me! 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/11street.my/?fref=ts

Online website : http://www.11street.my/

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