Systema New 3D Clean 0.02mm Toothbrush -The latest Innovation In Oral Care @ 1Utama Shopping Centre

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Hot, cold, crunchy, sweet…every taste and texture imaginable, the unique mix of cultures has created one of (if not) the most diverse food in the world.

Which means for Malaysians, our mouths have the toughest job in the world? With so many different kinds of food we consumer every day, imagine what our teeth goes through. Bits of rendang, fried chicken or vegetable stuck in between our teeth, or nasi lemak, sweet kuih coating our teeth and gum lines, often making our whole mouth feels like it needs a thorough scrubbing…

If this food is not efficiently removed especially in the hard to reach places such as the gum pockets, in-between teeth and your back teeth; plaque will build up and will be tough to clean since ordinary round tip bristled toothbrushes struggle to reach them resulting in accumulation of plaque that can lead to cavities and gum diseases. 

So in conjunction with the launch of the latest tapered (0.02mm) bristle toothbrush , we are invited to test the latest innovation from LION JAPAN that Cleans Every Part of Your Teeth at START RIGHT, BRUSH RIGHT – TEETH FOR LIFE” road show @ One Utama Ground Floor.
 The roadshow is crowded and the response was overwhelming. After registration, the Systema staff gives us a short tour introducing the brand new Systema 3D Clean 0.02 mm Toothbrush.
We were been told that this new 3D Clean has 5 functions that cleans every part of your teeth. Systema is sold 1 piece every 1 second in Japan! Now I just realized that Systema is a brand from Japan and the same LION Japan brand for the kids Kodomo Lion. Systema 3D Clean 0.02 mm toothbrush removes 63% more plaque than other tapered toothbrushes. NEW Systema 3D Clean toothbrush designed to tackle the tough brushing challenge of reaching every part of our teeth to remove plaque and food debris for a more effective and comfortable clean. Systema 3D Clean 0.02 mm toothbrush able to clean our teeth more efficient and effectively.

Those are range of Systema toothbrush that are designed in Japan. Each have the main functions and the holder are pretty much different

Compared to the current range, the New Systema 3D Clean have the following result 

  •    Softness of bristles (77%),
  •    Clean in-between teeth (81%),      
  •    Clean tooth surface (78%),  
  •    Clean along gum line (81%) and better ability to
  •    Clean back teeth (75%).
Closer look on the Systema 3D Clean toothbrush

Double layered glass cup is redeemable upon purchase of Systema toothbrush above RM 15. It was indeed a very good quality.
The systema 3D Clean that are selling for only RM 12.90 instead of RM 17.90 for two pieces. 
Right now I need to do some test. The staff will gives us a cup of popcorn to eat. Then we need to brush our teeth using the brand new Systema toothbrush. After that we need to fill up a list of questionnaires to state our experience after using the toothbrush and the comparison of current toothbrush. The bristles are soft and the toothbrush is easy to handle. It is also more flexible to hold it any way it can be and I am comfortable using it to clean my teeth.

Interview session on how I felt about Systema New 3D Clean toothbrush. I do have gum bleeding problems and sensitive teeth. After the brushing session, my gum was not bleeding and the brush was extremely soft. What I like about is also because it has a tongue cleaner functions that removes bad breath that causing bacteria. Besides that the toothbrush can reach to the inner part of my teeth and clean my gum efficiently.

Currently, I am also using Systema toothbrush which I just realized. I get it from the Facebook page giveaway last time. To make the comparison, I find that the new 3D Clean has a more powerful functions that can reach my back teeth better to scrape away more plaque and the most interesting part is it has the tongue cleaner. The softness level is also different and I prefer the new Systema.

After queue for 10 minutes, it's my turn to get an oral care check using the art dental camera which allows me to view my teeth condition while being consulted by the dentist. This was my first time seeing my teeth condition directly from the computer itself. I need to fill up my basic information first ,By just sitting there, they will put the E-Camera inside my mouth and start checking. 
This is how it looks like. The dental E-Camera that able to capture the conditions of the teeth and directly input the information into the computer.
Simple dental checkup
The dentist explained that my teeth condition is just fine and nothing to worry about. I need to ensure the plaque on the bottom part of the teeth is clean by visiting the dentist every 6 months to get the Teeth Scaling. I will have to make my appointment to get ride of those plaque soon. Here is my dental check up reports. It does reminds me of my school days where we are so scared seeing the nurse holding the dental check up card and start calling our names.

It was a nice experience from this roadshow to get information about this new 3D Clean toothbrush and now I can start using them to gain a cleaner teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath.

Do visit and its official Facebook page

My experience after using Systema new 3D Clean:-