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 Pancake House International (PHI) in Quill City Mall offers a welcoming and relaxing environment surrounds with cozy interior layout. They have main course menu and not just pancakes. You can find Philippines cuisines in Pancake House which I just discovered.

Special items on the menu include the Smoked Golden Tinapa and Daing Na Bangus, Deboned Milkfish which is found only in the Philippines and here you can find the best Taco in Town, using the freshest vegetable and tasty minced chicken in a crispy taco shell. 

Other items on the menu are appetizing pastas, sandwiches and burgers, refreshing milkshakes and desserts as well as other popular Western dishes.

We try the chamomile tea first to warm up our tummy

Serving of drinks - Green Mango and cucumber juice along with vanilla milkshake, latte, hot chocolate and Vienna Coffee
Asparagus Cayenne Soup RM 6.55 - Creamy and satisfyingly good asparagus soup topped with a dash of cayenne
Best Taco In Town RM 15.45- 2pcs of the Best Taco in Town served with Tuna Macaroni Salad. The Taco is packed with Chicken chunks, lettuce tomato, onion, and cheese in a crispy taco shell . Every bite is so delicious with crispy layer and the sauce is awesome! It was my favourite and i highly recommended you to try this.

Club Sandwich RM 19.90
Satisfyingly delicious triple-decker made of chicken, Chicken Strips, lettuce, egg slices, tomato and cheese served with french fries.

Southern Maple Chicken RM 21.05
A medley of sweet maple-glazed chicken and Caesar Salad served with a choice of Garlic or golden crispy waffle. Well marinated chicken that was appetizing and condiments from the salad.
Smoked Golden Tinapa (Smoked Golden Milkfish) RM 26.60
Deboned Milkfish smoked to garden perfection and served with Garlic Rice and Mango salsa. I enjoy the taste from the sauce and the portion is enough for one person serving for lunch.


Beef Tapa (Stri-Fried Australian Strip Loin) RM 21.05
Speacially marinated and stir-fried tender Australian Strip Loin served with Garlic and mango Salsa
Daing na Bangus (Pickled Deboned Milkfish) RM 26.60
Deboned Milkfish marinated in a special house blend and pan-fried to golden perfection served with Garlic Rice and mango salsa.

 House Burger RM 21.05
Juicy burger patty with mushroom, Chicken Strips, lettuce and tomato on toasted bun served with french fries and salad
 Classic Pan Chicken RM 16.60
A house specially-deep-fried Pan Chicken with homemade gravy served with Garlic Rice. The chicken meat is juicy and tender. Addictive fried chicken!

 Luscious Lemon Pancake Peak RM 17.70
A stack of mini pancakes with cream cheese filling in-between, served with lemon-flavoured syrup and topped with lemon zest. Fragrant pancake and extremely soft. A true crowd pleasure indeed!
Halo-halo RM 11
Shaved ice with milk, sweet corn kernels, yellow sweet potato, sweetened banana, fresh jackfruit strips, topped with homemade custard. This is Philippines style of ABC. It was a little sweet to my liking.

Blueberry Pancake RM 16.60
Sink your teeth into blueberry-filled golden pancakes with syrup. Homey and delicious fluffy pancakes that’s served with ice cream  and drizzled with syrup.

Waffle Foldover RM 14.35
Golden brown waffle on the outside, peanut butter, 2 hefty scoops of vanilla ice cream and candy-coated choco bites on the inside. Fluffy waffle delights and I enjoy the big boob of ice cream! Perfect dessert to end my meal.

Affordable and satisfying meal for that generous portion of the main course as well as the adorable desserts that are beautifully presented. It does takes some patience to make that stack of pancakes

Pancake House International @ Quill City Mall
Unit No G-05 & Al-Fresco 3A,
Ground Floor, Quill City Mall,
NO. 1018, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel/Fax: 03-2856 0209

Menu Link :


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