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After watching a TV Show showcase the usage of this "MAGIC" mop, hubby and mum in law decide to purchase it immediately from GoShop.Com. The show does impress us so much with this mop that have so many advantages. It comes with few pieces of cleaning kit from CatchMop. The online price is RM 179. And the delivery was within the time frame.

The combination consists of -Mop Pad x 2 ,Furniture & Electronics x 3 ,Multipurpose x 1 ,Window x 1 ,Kitchen x 2 ,Glove x 1 ,Silicon brush x 1 & Push Stick x 1.

Safe, effective cleaning - super microfibre technology is constructed with thousands of microfibres on each thread to catch and hold dust until the mop is washed. It's non-abrasive so it won’t scratch surfaces, and the lack of chemicals means it's good for the environment too.
Versatile cleaning around the home - the cloths cleans most fabrics, rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture and is suitable for use on ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, stone and wood. Simply moisten the Catch Mop with water before use.

Why is Catch Mop so effective?
With its unique nylon/polyester structure, Catch Mop features a network of 10 rigid mother yarns and 2,592 pieces of microfibre for each thread. The mother yarn works as a supporting structure for its surrounding microfibres and effectively catches dusts and stains while the surrounding microfibres hold them until washed.

I am satisfy with this useful products that helps me do my daily cleaning. Flexible, easy to use and Multi Purpose.
No Dust, No Fust!

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