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Weekend Treat are invited to attend another Mummy and kids event hosted by Sunway Putra Malls to this exclusive ZooMoo blogger session on Sunday. 20 September.There are fun activities like balloon sculpting, temporary tattoos, Lego station, craft & colouring station, and interact at the ZooMoo App station! 
Cheh Cheh only coming for the event today. Quarantine my two other little small kids at home because of the haze and they also just recover. 
Special blogger session that starts at 1pm. Luckily I managed to reach by 1.15pm for the photography session with FLASH

ZooMoo, the world’s first interactive channel for preschoolers, premieres a brand new series, "Lost". Premiering on Wednesday, 16 September 2015 at 5pm on ZooMoo (Astro Channel 619), "Lost" will feature ZooMoo's resident wildlife photographer 'Flash', as he finds himself lost in different wildlife habitats while his friends try to locate him before he gets into serious trouble.

Lost - Series
In the month of September, ZooMoo will treat fans to loads of fun activities in search of ‘Flash’ who is “Lost” in Malaysia. The hunt for Flash takes place in various malls in Malaysia. There will be a four-day event in Sunway Pyramid from 24 – 27 September, 2015 where children can participate in a range of entertainment including an opportunity for kids to learn about conservation while participating in various activities such as colouring stations, art and craft. The highlight is a special appearance by 'Flash' from "Lost" at the event, entertaining children while sharing animal facts. This is part of a roving ‘Lost’ campaign that started with events in Sunway Carnival Mall in Penang on 19 September 2015 and Sunway Putra Mall in Kuala Lumpur on 20 Sept.

Flash is an engagingly good-natured photographer, Flash is dedicated, dependable and very charming. He copes with his busy workload with genial humour and a constant can-do attitude.
Cheese!!! Nice meeting FLASH

In addition to the premiere of “Lost”, ZooMoo will be launching an integrated card campaign, the first of its kind in Malaysia. This unique campaign will feature the newly launched ZooMoo animal card which integrates with the Free ZooMoo App while enhancing the viewing experience of the ZooMoo TV channel, all of which will be showcased at the mall events. The ZooMoo Animal Card Campaign is a partnership with Sunway Shopping Malls, whereby shoppers can collect these card packs.

The revolutionary ZooMoo App is the first of its kind since it interacts with the TV channel and also integrates with the ZooMoo animal card – all at once! Unlike other TV channels, the App and the ZooMoo channel were developed completely in tandem.  By providing a simple, fun mechanism for viewers to collect all the wonderful animals they see on the channel, the App opens the door to many additional entertainment and learning opportunities.

The newly launched ZooMoo animal cards create a tangible element that enhances the viewing experience for children. The fun continues even after the show ends, with a treasure trove of activities for both children and parents with the help of the ZooMoo animal cards and ZooMoo App.

Play area with lego to keep the kids occupied with some activities

Catherine Nebauer, General Manager of ZooMoo Network said: “Everyone knows that kids love playing with smart phones or tablets and parents these days also understand that these devices are an integral tool in enriching a child’s learning experience. The ZooMoo App was created with an understanding that a child can learn more about animals when watching ZooMoo on TV while engaging with the ZooMoo App at the same time. To enhance the learning experience further, we have now created ZooMoo animal cards, which integrate with the ZooMoo App to provide fans with a holistic learning experience, while giving them a tangible tool that they can collect, keep and trade with fellow fans offline.”

“Parents see the value in technology integration as complementing TV viewing and we hope to see Malaysians use ZooMoo in their children’s daily routine and enjoy the benefits of it,” Catherine added. 
Launched in November 2014, exclusively on Astro, ZooMoo is one-of-a-kind interactive TV that explores the animal world in ways that are entertaining, educational and enriching, sparking in young children a love for animals. ZooMoo’s programming comprises over 4,000 separate animal stories that have been scheduled using a structure developed by leading childhood learning specialists. The channel comes with a free ZooMoo App, which can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Limited edition of Flash goodies bag
Colouring session for the kids. Butterfly, lion, crocodile, rabbits and lots more to choose from.

Our it nice?

First play on the Zoo Moo games. It does have lots of animal pictures to learn about and unlock it with the animal card. Informative and good learning session and interaction between parents and the kids together. That's going to be a fun thing to do during this school holiday

Event itinerary and here comes another session of FLASH SHOW.

Here is FLASH appearance again!. The interaction session with the kids to guess the pictures on where the location is and guess what is in the pictures. After the kids have answered them, but no gifts was given. Earlier the MC said : Let's start guessing the pictures and you could win prizes! But I did not see any freebies though.
Balloon sculpting session with long queue..The impressed part is on the umbrella balloon sculpting. I also wish to have one but the queue is too long. It will be nice if they can have the session for the bloggers before the public starts to queue up probably for next event?
Food voucher to be redeem at Bakar Station

We have fun at the Zoo Moo event and receive lots of goodies too. My girl is excited asking me take out all the animal cards and play together with her with the newly downloaded ZooMoo apps.


About ZooMoo

ZooMoo Networks is a multi-media company that owns and operates the ZooMoo channel, programming and interactive content for children around the world.  ZooMoo is a collaboration between some of the world’s foremost wildlife filmmakers, early childhood educationalists and technology developers.  Its programming engages and entertains children with the wonders of animals, to stimulate and develop their innate emotional connection with the natural world.  In addition to Latin America, ZooMoo is available in Malaysia on Astro, Singapore on StarHub and in Indonesia on Indovision, with more territories to be announced soon.

The ZooMoo App is a free download available on iOS and Android. Check out the ZooMoo website for videos, photos and more. Follow ZooMoo on Facebook, and YouTube.