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Healthy drinks leads to a healthy lifestyle. Most of the people are juicing for health and there are so many offerings in the market which selling fresh juices.One of my favourite is dropping by here at Lot18 Menara Hap Seng Ground Floor, which has been operating for more than 5 years. The first drinks I like about them are Anti Oxidant. The taste is very pure and fresh that keeps me energetic.

Today we have a chance to do a short review with Sheng, the person in charge here who are very friendly guy who always put up a great smile to welcome you when you order your drink at the counter. He does makes us feel good each time we want to choose our drinks.We have a quick chat on what are the juices that are popular here among the lunch crowd.

From starting, I have seen Sheng he can managed alone in the kiosk. With one person doing all the thing from ordering, blending the juice and serving customers, he can handle by his own. But you need to be patience to get your ordered drink as the queue is extremely long. But now with the help of two staff, the waiting time is no longer a problem and you can easily get your drinks within a minutes. 

Today we will sample the Fruiti Smoothies range of drinks that are a perfect treat for any time of the day - morning, afternoon and evening.  Chilled smoothies that blends using 100% fresh fruits, good quality fruits and no added sugar. The price is from RM 8.90 for all the fruiti smoothies drinks and RM 9.90 for Avocado drinks.

Spoilt by so many choices..Now we really clueless what to order. Those drinks are so tempting and with a clear description on each drinks ingredients inside and the benefits too.

Each day there are special drinks price at RM 6.50. From Monday to Friday, you can expect a different drinks that you try it occasionally.
Fresh fruits that are ideal after a meal or before you take your lunch. Conveniently located here to served you fresh fruits choices of papayas, melons, pineapple, mangoes, kiwi, guava and etc.
Packham Pear and chestnut is on the display for sale as well. Sometime they have stock up for Avocado too.
 Firstly, we try the Avocado (Avocado +Milk+Honey) - Surprisingly I prefer this drinks because the Avocado smoothies has the unique silky texture without an overbearing taste. Delicious and healthy smoothies packed with vitamins and nutrients.

 Next, we try the Mango Passion (mango + passion fruits + pineapple + tropical juice). This was among the best seller. I love the creamy texture with the combination of sweet and tangy mixture of those flavour combination. Highly recommended.
This is how the drinks was blend and using only fresh fruits with no added water and sugar
Berry Berries (Strawberry+Blueberries+Yogurt+Tropical Juice) - If you prefer something sweet, this will absolutely your choice. This smoothie's bursting with flavour with a hint of sweetness. Healthy, nutritious and so refreshing!!

Bring on more Berries - Here we try another types of smoothies called Berry Chiller.(Strawberry+Blueberries+Mango+Apple Juice) . Unique taste with thicker texture and serves a perfect flavour combo.

We try the Wednesday menu - Rich and Creamy Mango Banana Smoothies Indulgent treat with healthy ingredients.

You can also opt for Kiwi Twist - Combination of
(Kiwi+Strawberry+Passionfruits+Yogurt+Apple Juice)
. Chilled drinks that gives you more Vitamin C and natural taste.

Dragonfruit Smoothies (dragonfruit + honey + tropical juice)This simple drink marries dragon fruit with tropical juice and honey. Dragon Fruit contains high fiber and vitamins which helps the body to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and reduce body heat.
 Try it and see for yourself!

Pineapple Tango ( Pineapple +Green Apple+Asam Boi). The drinks is appetizing with added sourish asam boi. The whole combination is so perfectly blends together and this was my colleagues favourites. Vitamin-packed drinks that boost up energy level. This is definitely healthier alternative to milkshakes.

Customized fruits platter is also available. You can request them to prepare a fruit platter for events purpose with early reservation.
Refreshing treat of smoothies that are healthy and also can improve our digestion. 

Another enjoyable day with these healthy smoothies that put a smile on our face! Yummm..

Menara Hap Seng Kuala Lumpur(Beside Maybank and nearby the escalator)

Business Hour : Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm)

Tel : Sheng ( 016-2718468)