Let's Have Big Fun @ AEON BIG Wangsa Maju

Saturday, September 19, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

AEON Big is newly renovated with wider space and many new restaurant is coming up soon. It does impressed us as soon as we step into the basement floor at the entrance level. Bright and air conditioning place with pleasant looking environment. After we have done with our groceries shopping, we check out this fun fair road show. The fun fair is until 30 Sept 2015. With every purchase of RM 25 for AEON Big member card, we can redeem a FREE popcorn.

My kids walk around this fun fair area and we play the game together, Starting with throwing balls at the Angry Bird station, next to throwing the circles, and racing care station. Moving on to bowling section and tapping the frog and scroll down the colour balls.

This is tricky part. How the kids going to kick in the ball to the small hole at that distance

Final part is basket ball. The kids trying to throw the ball, but end up papa need to stand by at the side corner to avoid the ball from throwing out to the passers by which is near to the escalator. I suggest they should move this to another area perhaps.

Our redemption of popcorn. We also managed to get the third prize which is a pack of biscuits.

Fun weekend with this unexpected activities going on and my kids are having fun with all the games!

The disappointment part is on the ventilation in the supermarket area. Since last time until now, AEON BIG has the big problem on the air conditioning. The whole stretch is stuffy and I felt hot, and my kids got sick after visiting this place. They should really look into the issue which always happen whenever I visit AEON BIG. Please improve on the air cond please!!!