Great Savings Weekend Promotions 'Lebih Jimat Untuk SI Comel' @ Tesco Selayang

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'Lebih Jimat Untuk SI Comel'
Waiting for the next coming baby fair to save on baby products? No more hassle because you will be surprised to discover so many great deals that you can just get at Tesco Hypermarket! Being a mother of 3 kids, I always do survey and get updates to look for promotions and discounted price from various sources. From baby fair expo to our usual shopping groceries places such as AEON Jusco, Giant, AEON Big, Tesco, Pharmacy and the retails Chinese shops.

Milk Powders are of the highest demand due to the increasing population of working mothers and most of us are using Formula Milk Powder. The price is keep increasing with new packaging and added ingredients inside which really burn a hole in my pocket. We usually stocked up the milk powder if there is great promotions that we able to grab. Shopping during the weekends is fun and when there are great savings during the week will makes us feel more excited and satisfy.

From the Tesco Facebook page, I saw they are doing baby products promotion with their theme 'Lebih Jimat Untuk SI Comel'. The offered price is very tempting and can save more on the discounted price.

(Both photo credit to Tesco FB Page)
We drive to Tesco Selayang outlet today to check out the weekend promotions on baby products that is going on for 3 weeks from now til 7 Oct 2015. Since we are running out of milk powder and pampers, we decided to visit here to see the offerings. Tesco is a one stop baby center and have varieties of baby products that can easily fulfill your necessary daily needs. They have hampers, Milk Powders, Pampers, Baby Toiletries,Baby & Toddler Clothes, Pajamas,Shoes & Sock,Tights, Educational Toys, Beddings, Diaper Bags, Playgym, Breastpump, Feeding Bottles, Baby Stroller,Playpen,Baby Cot, Baby Carseat,Baby Monitor and many more.

Tesco baby section is arrange in an organized category and we can easily find the brand we want. We able to explore the variety of baby products for our little ones and the kids do enjoy walking together to help mummy do some price comparison.

From the Ground Floor we able to see few rows of pampers display and we walk to First Floor to the baby section. The staff is available to assist us to find our requested products.

When I check out the Baby Hampers section, it does impressed me with so much offerings and wrapped in a neat and presentable packaging. All the baby needs such as clothing, towels, mittens and rattle are bundle up which is a perfect gift for baby fullmoon. The choices are affordable price range from RM 45 onwards. All the baby boy and baby girl products are tidely arrange inside the hamper. You can grab a really good deals here with their extensive range of hampers.
Awesome gift for baby fullmoon
Tesco have wide range of selections of milk powder. The brand that I spotted are Anmum, Enfagrow, S26, Novalac, Dupro, Sustagen, Friso Gold, Dumux, Mamil, Dutch Lady and etc. During this baby fair, there are great deals on the milk powder price especially on Friso, Dupro, Enfagrow and S26 milk powder. 

As a frequent buyer for Friso brand, the first thing on my mind is to check out the price here and the free gift that comes along. Mummy always the details type of person who will look at the price and the freebies together. Comparing to the usual price, I find that the price Tesco offer is quite reasonable and savings more compare to other Hypermarket. Friso price at only RM 43.89 for Friso 4 and RM 49.89 for Friso 3. I need to stack up both types of milk powder and this saves me alot from the promotions price. With the impact of GST, every cents is counted carefully and we need to plan for our monthly expenditure. We managed to get few tins of milk powder and this have save me for about RM10 each.
Moving to the diapers section, I spotted a very cheap deal from the Drypers brand. Although I am a regular buyer for Pet Pet brand, but Drypers price offering is so attractive.There are 176 pieces in a larger pack at only RM 79.99! Each pieces is only RM 0.45 compared to usual promo RM0.50 (RM33.99 / L68).

 But if you buy two packs Jumbo Drypers, you are entitled for a Super hero T-Shirt. This is such a great bargain.

Pet Pet diapers is also cheap selling at RM 32.90 and it was selling fast as well for sizes like L and XL. Whoopee brands is also offering cheap price at RM 25.90.
Hubby saw the Nappikleen Detergent is only RM 16.90!!! That is the lowest price which I usually hunt for. When I see the price drop to RM 16.90 instead of the usual price of RM21.90, I grab 3 bottles homes for our kids laundry. With three kids you know how much of clothing they changed daily and usage of the liquid is easily finished up within a month.
We also managed to grab two sets of Pureen Liquid Cleanser 750 ml + 600ml refill pack that is selling for only RM 26.90! Much cheaper from the recent baby fair. Meanwhile, the refill pack is only RM 10 each.

Moving to the Baby food range, there are 10% discount on all the cereal item. My girl is a picky eater and I will give her rice cereal as her supplement to ensure she get enough nutrition. She love the Nestle fruits cereal and now they are selling for RM 10.34.
Array of kids clothing are also available with lowest discount of 50% on the toddler shirts 
Other baby toiletries and wet tissues

Our weekend shopping spree and baby stuff is stocked up for two months.
Furthermore, If you are having transportation problem, Tesco has delivery service. All you need to do is go to their website and look for Tesco Online Shopping Service that allows you to order a wide range of products from the comfort of your own home, and have them delivered directly to your door at a time to suit you. Frequent Tesco shoppers also can collect Clubcard points and enjoy in-store promotions while making their purchases online. 
Money saving by getting it all at Tesco and you will be able to save more from the weekend discount promotions. So drop by the nearest Tesco to grab your desire baby products.