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Dietliciouss provides clients with an extraordinarily effective program for weight loss and healthy living. They intend to exceed client expectations by combining the most nutritious, fresh, hand delivered cuisine with a premium level of quality, product development, taste and style.

When you see the word Diet, you will be able to figure out the food is definitely need to be healthy and nutrition inside. In Dietliciouss,The proteins consist of eggs, salmon, tilapia, chicken breast, salmon, deer meat and lean ground beef.The carbohydrates are low glycemic, so they won’t spike your blood sugar and result in fat storage. By using carbohydrates like quinoa, brown rice, veggies/whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes, the absorption process is slowed, so you feel fuller, longer, and you provide your body with a steady stream of healthy calories.

There are no preservatives, additives or genetically modified anything here. Just fresh, natural ingredients, imagination and epicurean expertise.

Dietliciouss emphasized on eating clean and maintaining a high protein diet. They have few types of menu. They cater for men, women and kids  They served fitness model and trainers, confinement menu for the women, muscle food and cater for all types of meeting and events. The menu also come in package with 7 days lunch or 14 days lunch. You can also choose for weight loss meal program that provide balance diet in your meal.

Baked Salmon with Spinach Spagehti and salad. Calories 420. Now my lunch is really healthy and calories counted clearly to me. The salmon is fresh and juicy along with the well cooked pasta. But I will be more satisfied if they provide me more sauce as the serving is a little dry.

Frozen Meal - Dietliciouss have this frozen meal menu which can be kept for 30 days. But it is best to consume within 14 days. When it reached, we need to stored the frozen meal at 4'C (as soon as possible) into the freezer or within 2 hours.

After 3 day I followed the instruction written to re-heat the frozen meal for 3.5-4 minutes. We have to pierce film for 3-4 holes and do not remove the film cover.
It was a healthy meal with high protein from the grilled fish and steamed vegetables.
After 10 days, I re-heat the Chicken Chipotle and the food is still taste good, Served with chicken breast part and vegetables.

Another choice for food delivery service.

* The menu is change weekly and each day have their fix menu. So check out their website or call to find out.

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