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I have joined a group page in Facebook featuring Setapak Group and they shared out all the happenings news and restaurant in this area. I found out this online food delivery that covers Setapak area and I was very curious how does this food delivery works. Their website has a clear picture showing us how to make online food order from their extensive food menu list. It does surprised me with lots of choices of food and we can also find vegetarian food and halal food.

Here are the steps for a quick ordering.

1.       Look through the menu and start to choose.

2.       Key in your information (Address, Name and contact number)  and place the         

delivery order.

3.       Once your order is placed, You will receive your food within 60 minutes

If the delivery is not on time, there will be free of delivery charge.

They also offered Monthly package (non halal) for specific time day that you have choosen and value set meals. Which means you have choosen your choice of food and they have take note on that arrangement and delivery at the stated time.

Running Man Food Delivery started their service since Feb 2014. It is initially started to solve the food problem of TAR college students and now they have more response from many sides of customers thus they also extend to residential area. The food delivery covers area of Taman Melawati, Melati Utama, Danau Kota,Sri Rampai, Setapak, Wangsa Maju and some part of Gombak. 

Running Man Food Delivery partner with many restaurants and food court vendors such as I Know Pasta, VegT@alk, Restoran Al- Saida Maju, The Taste, Chop Chop Rice, Famous Penang Air Itam - Penang Famous Food, Full Stop Cafe, Haru Tei Japanese Restaurant, Tappers Cafe and Taiwanese Tea House. If you are staying nearby this Setapak area, for sure you will spotted this restaurant before and perhaps you may try it yourselves too.

For those food lover who live nearby SETAPAK KL area, there are No Minimum Order. 1 Hour Delivery Time. 10% of the delivery charge is applied expect for those monthly value set meals and monthly package.

The food are cooked and prepared upon ordering to maintain a good quality of food. Quick meal with affordable price charged that won't burnt a hole in your pocket. You can just order from home by online ordering or call their number for just one single meal. No minimum order does attracts me as well. Usually all online food delivery will surely need a minimum order before they can deliver to you. 

For every food order, you will entitle for 1 RMFD sticker, Collect all 8, and you will be given a complimentary drinks of your choice for FREE

You can always put a remarks there if you wish for less rice or less spicy for your choices of food.

This food delivery concepts does helps customers for those without transportation to get the food outside or during rainy days when you want to savour your favourite meal.

Even on rainy days, the delivery is fast and on time. Efficient mobile food delivery of fresh cooked food that is packed inside this food delivery bags that keeps the food warm serves to your home. No more boring food such as KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut. Now I can enjoy my more choices of food!
This set is Chicken Chop Bento Set (RM 9.50) from The Taste (located at Prima Setapak). Taiwanese cuisines that serves the popular fried chicken chop. This bento set comes in one person servings of rice with half boiled egg, sausages, chicken chop and together with a set of herbal drinks. The combination is pretty good with tender boneless chicken meat and pair it with the sauce which does makes this bento set appetizing. Economical meals to choose for your dinner. 

Tomato Spaghetti from I Know Pasta located at PV128 (RM 12.50).I have visited this restaurant before, and I do enjoy the food there. The delivery was not a disappointment in terms of taste. The pasta is still warm and taste good with generous amount of cheese. Tasty and rich of tomato sauce that coated well on each strand of pasta. Generous portion and affordable cuisines.  

Olive Fried Rice RM 9 from VegT@alk (Vegetarian Cafe and Bakery) at Danau Kota. Aromatic vegetarian fried rice cooked with varieties of condiments. Delicious, simple and healthy olive fried rice which I enjoy it so much. It is not oily and dry fried to perfection. This is definitely one of the must-try dishes.

Moving forward, they are targeting to launch the 2nd branch in September 2015 to covered the area in Bandar Sungai Long and Mahkota Cheras. Online transaction will be introduce soon to make online food ordering more convenient and all these updates you can check it out from their Facebook page.

Value Sizing food that will not let you down and delivery on time to your doorstep.

"Great Delivery, Great Time."

Running Man Food Delivery

Business Hours : 11am to 9pm ( Monday to Friday), 5pm to 9pm (Saturday to Sunday).

Email :                              
Tel : 010-368 6124 / 018-667 9313


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nice food ! I like it .I have never eaten this type of roll.It is very testy and delicious.Online Order Food

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