Penang Boleh @ Low Yat Plaza Kuala Lumpur

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Penang Boleh is located at Low Yat Plaza LG Floor. This small cafe served really authentic taste of Penang Delicacies. The strong aroma for that familiar taste of asam laksa really makes you wanna try it right away. My colleague said she got addicted with the asam laksa flavour here. 6 of us dine in and we almost order all of the food in the menu. Penang Boleh price is not expensive. The order is self service. You need to go and queue there to order at the counter, and they will bring the food on your table.

Incredibly delicious! Home style Penang Asam Laksa with thick brown prawn paste enhanced the flavour of asam laksa. Thumbs up!


My Penang White Curry Laksa. We have to mix the chili past all together. Delicious with fragrant curry and the condiments of taufu, long beans and cockles. Not too spicy and taste just nice.

You can choose the noodle types - Mee, Meehon or Kuey Teow
Most of us love this light snack - fried lobak. Crispy chrunch! But the chili sauce have a weird taste and change in colour. We suspect it was expiring.
Small bite size fried chicken wrapped with pandan leaves. Fresh and juicy meat inside.

Penang Boleh @ Low Yat Plaza Kuala Lumpur