Chew Heong Fish Pot @ Kepong. Second Visit to Try Seafood Lego

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We are invited to visit Chew Heong Fish Pot @ Kepong to try on their new menu along with other foodies. We are presented with their newly creation of Seafood Lego which is like a high tower stacked up with 3 layers. You can also choose to stack up more. The signature fish soups are placed at the bottom and on the upper layer filled up with fresh seafoods - scallops, prawns, crab,lala, and etc. When those item are cooked together, the final taste of the fish soup will be extremely sweet with all those seafoods layered on top.

Wonderfully assorted with different kinds of seafood. Fresh crab, squid, prawns, scallops mussels and lala. The sauce looks thicker because according to the chef, he mentioned this is to prevent it from being too dry as the steaming process would take some time.
Bottom layer with fish head soup. You will be able to taste the soup with a hint of sweetness because the top two layer which is full of seafood will keep on dripping down to this broth. For seafood lover, you definitely enjoy this delectable combination. 
Chew Heong Fish Pot restaurant guarantees the freshness of the seafood. They have a very reliable and good supplier fresh delivery daily.

The signature steamed lala infused with strong aroma of the sliced ginger and garlic that is fried to perfection.
Fresh Chili Crab

Salted Egg soft shell crab.
Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk Batter which is one of popular Chinese style crab cooking. Crispy and fragrant soft shell crab that you must tried it out!
Appetizing Pumpkin Sambal Prawn
Spicy and Sour Lime Steamed squid
Pork Rib with Jinjang Sauce.  Special Jinjang sauce that is coated well in each pieces of pork rib. Tender and succulent meat that are absolutely irresistible
Addictive Nestum Mantis Prawn that is sweet and crispy in every bite
Another round of sumptuous meal

It's definitely a plus point for seafood lovers to savour so many seafood offerings here. 
Do check out this family run restaurant should you be in the area of Kepong.

Chew Heong Fish Pot

No 60, Jalan Ambong 1, Kepong Baru, 
Kepong, 52100 

Phone: +603-6241 1206 @ +60166279323


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