Mirae Collagen - Tasteless and No colour

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Collagen is a part of the connective tissue that in the skin helps in firmness, suppleness and constant renewal of skin cells. Collagen is vital for skin elasticity. Thus is is very important element in ladies especially.

I have started with Mira Collagen for two weeks and I love this product that gives me a smoother and radiant glowing skin.

Mirae Collagen are from Thailand being the 1st products that is imported and use tilapia skin from japan to Thailand GMP Manufacturer process it. And this product have Thailand FDA Certificate and  Safe to use.

Mirae in Japanese means futures. A future for the youthful skin that is suitable for all kinds of ages.

Mirae Collagen have 90% collagen and 10% is Fibre & Vitamin to give human body easily absorb. Mirae compare with others market products. Colorless, no precipitate and 100% water-soluble. And taste like melon.

Mirae is unisex products. And functions is repair the whole body, cell and etc. Also help for defecation. How long will get the effects will depending on people's. Mostly 1 weeks.

I mix with warm water

And how to consume will be 1 day 1 spoon, @ night will be better. After 1 week become half spoon.
Products is 1 bottle x 130g.
1st week take 1 spoon = 9000mg (10g)
Continuous r half spoon enough. (5g)

1 bottle can be 19 days.

Easy to prepare and consume

Just nice to have it before I went on to my Singapore Trip.

Give back to your SKIN what TIME has taken away. 

MIRAE Collagen is selling the retails price with RM500 for 2 bottle.

Members price with Ramadhan & Hari Raya Promotion is RM364 now.