MFC Food World @ Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang KL

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MFC (Malaysia Franchise Consultant) Food World is located at Level 2 Fahrenheit 88 that offered Taiwan cuisines and other local Asian food. This is the first concept in Malaysia by having their own bowl shaped capsule kiosk originally imported from Taiwan. Each of the bowl-shaped stalls offered culinary specialities of chicken rice, beef noodle, fried chicken, noodles, pasta and more. 

This amazingly beautiful interior of the food court are all pork free and most important element is the dining place are clean and comfortable. All the kiosk are open concept cooking and practicing a good hygiene with clean environment. No smell at all (because usually when you think of food court area is stuffy and lots of cooking with smoke and smell obviously stick to our dress).

These colourful kiosks are selling Asian food of all kind including Taiwanese, Western, Thai, Malay and Chinese.

“Such kiosk are familiar and exactly the same in night markets in Taiwan” said Mr. Chai, the director and concept owner of MFC Food World.He wish to bring the Taiwanese food culture in Malaysia and the trendy kiosk would be able to attract customers to check out the mouth- watering menu here.

Malay Delicacies

Traditional Hainan Chicken Rice

The flavours of Taiwanese street food are the main attraction here
The bestseller here is the beef noodle soup, a popular Taiwanese street food.

“Beef Noodle” has been years famously practiced by Taiwanese and here you can find a hearty bowl of slippery noodles with super-thick soup, together with tender beef chunks The mixture of ingredients brings the best exotic taste.
Imbi Road Seafood Hokkien Mee- We enjoyed the version of Hokkien Mee here with strong wok hei taste. Distinctive seafood flavour that is fragrant  that made me crave for more.

Taiwan famous fried chicken. Crispy and juicy at each bite
Refreshing drinks from Field Tea that has great quality and  ingredients using fresh milk

Sweet Yakult Mango
Asamu milk tea
Fresh Milky Papaya Shake.
Nasi Ayam Rendang from Rasa Sarawak stall. Thumbs up for this dish. I love it so much especially the aroma and taste from the rice and the succulent chicken meat glazed with rendang sauce. The whole combination is so perfect!

Cheesy Bolognese Pasta is worth mentioning. The signature classic spaghetti is delicious and the cheese are well coat at each strand of the pasta. Served with succulent chicken meat and they have put in the right balance on the cheese as well. Flavorful pasta with plenty of cheese flavor.
Black pepper chicken goes extremely well with rice. This hot pan serving in a sizzling plate is really interesting with tender chicken meat served on  a bed of onions. Taste good and ideal for lunch choice.

The signature Crispy popiah roll- Generous fillings for the popiah that includes vegetables and chicken floss.Uses seaweed to wrap over the popiah skin, it does makes every bite packed with crunchiness and sweetness.

Handmade chicken dumpling

Varieties of selections of food in different stalls. Hot Plate , Noodles, Yong Tau Foo, Vegetarian Meal, and lots more

The price is reasonable and portion of the food is worth the value
You can apply this member card to get further discount for food and drinks

Air conditional place with comfortable seats where you can enjoy a cup of milk tea and having a sumptuous meal here.

MFC Food World

Fahrenheit 88, Shopping mall,
2nd floor lot 2-29 to 2-40 179 
Jalan bukit bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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