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After the MInions photo session, I bring my hubby and kids to try this eatery place a japanese place with lots of sushi charging only RM3 per plate!! I ask the staff twice Is that true you are charging only RM3?.He explained that for every five plate and above everything will be only RM2.99per plate inclusive of GST and no service charge.
 Located at level 2 in front of Metrojaya and one floor above Sweet Chat.We hardly go up to this floor and never knew there are Japanese cuisines here.the menu is simple and quite variety every plate selling at RM3.48 with obviously two person dine in you will surely finished up with more than each plate they charge only RM 2.99.Reasonable for the price and choices of sushi here. No doubt the size will be smaller..which I don't mind because I can try more sushi from the menu.

Outdoor seats

Varieties of sushi choices

The kids have a great time dining here looking at the sushi flow on the conveyor belt and they start putting in lots of ginger for me ( I am a truly ginger lovers). All the sushi is fresh and bite sized

Ebiko Sushi

Smooth silky chawanmushi

Hearty bowl of hot ramen, both my girls finished it all

Tuna Inari

The noodles choices are udon and ramen priced at RM9.9 per bowl and desserts between RM 3.90 to RM8.00.Refillable green tea is only at RM 1 each. I like the service here, friendly and attentive to our needs. SImple and quick lunch. Most important no long queue and yet I can enjoy my Japanese cravings of sushi peacefully.

Sushi Jiro

SK-16, Second Floor, 
South Court, Mid Valley Megamall, 
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2202 2638


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Hi there! Thank you for visiting Sushi Jiro. We hope you have enjoyed your stay with us. We love your review on our restaurant and we hope you would not mind that we share it on our Facebook Page @ :)

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sure and thanks for viewing