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Kilo Grill is a self-grill barbecue restaurant with a concept of World Barbecue Cuisine.  Kilo Grill is owned by two friends a Malaysian and French both love travelling around the world and wish to introduce the grill cultural here. Kilo Grill has their own concept of grilled BBQ compared to other Korean barbecue restaurant, They served top quality of fresh ingredients with imported seafood and meat. They have Argentine sea prawns,Spanish Iberia pork, Irish oysters & John Ross Jr Scottish smoked salmon and Korean sea eel.

Kilo Grill is opened for 7 months and they always have the new menu changing and limited edition seafood that customer can try. The drinks and desserts are display on the conveyor belt and soon there will be more attractive seafood lining up on it.

I have a quick chat with Victor and Martin why the name called Kilo Grill. They explained that the scales shows that they will provide the finest seafood and meat with the right amount that surely makes you satisfied. And of course, the fun of the grilled experience together.

Cosy dining environment with clean grill section

Private room for a larger group of people

Extensive menu to choose - Premium quality of beef, lamb, pork meat and chicken meat. Fresh supply of octopus, tiger prawn, blue mussels, Shishamo, Oysters and squids

Affordable set menu for two pax or more with pork set and chicken set along with a bowl of rice and endless vegetables condiments. You must try the Iberian Black Pig - The signature and best selling item here. The black pig are from Spain and they have carefully selected the main 3 parts of the prestigious pig to sizzle up your grill. Those are  
200g Collar, 200g Jowl and 200g Belly
I was pretty amazed by their selection of food

Self service 

The production of meat products from Iberian pigs is quite distinct from other meat products obtained from selected pigs raised under intensive conditions on industrial farms, and it is a good example of high quality and highly prized meat product. The diet may be strictly limited to olives or acorns for the best quality. 

Unlimited refill of these condiments

Delicious house-made sauces. From top is sweet and spicy Japanese dip, Black chili with soy sauce ( Malaysia style) and  Korean sauce dip. I love the Japanese sauce which best to dip for almost all the meat and seafood

Refreshing Milkis Drinks - I try the original and strawberry flavour. Both are awesome

Using Charcoal to grill and the meat won't be sticky. The heat was fast and easy to manage as well.

Pork Belly
Limited Edition New item - Mackerel Fish 

Tiger prawn

Ready to grill 

Iberian black pigs jowl 200gm – RM49.90.

The pork belly was full of flavour!. Crackling on top with tender enough meat to quite literally melt in your mouth, Tasted sweet and gives a beautiful succulent moist tender pork.
Next, we savour the gigantic size of two pieces of grilled Mackerel. Very strong flavored, delicate and highly oily fish. and the tastes was incredibly good! I love the top smoky fish skin taste imparted by the grillI enjoyed both with a bowl of rice. 

Two gorgeous tiger prawn that looks appealing and tastes amazing. Huge in size that makes this dish refined and impressive.

Enjoying the BBQ grilled on my own without sweat

The portions served just nice for two person
Iberian black pig tastes so great on its own, intense flavor  with a note of sweetness. Pleasure in every bit, tender and succulent. When cooked, this pork resembles and tastes like the finest meat and crisp at the outer layer. Perfect layer of fat which Victor mentioned those are good fats because of the Iberian Black pig consumption of food with only healthy acorns.

Eye catching deco

A relaxing atmosphere to dine in with your friend and family while enjoying the moments to gather and have fun for some Korean grill BBQ Session.

Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant
Block A2-UG1-01, Solaris Dutamas (Publika)
1 Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur