XAN LING Bak Kut Teh @ Sri Sinar

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My friend recommend this place to me. Xan Ling Bak Kut Teh has to outlets - Segambut and Sri Sinar. I browse through their website stated that Sri Sinar branch is air conditioning and it will be ideal to bring my parents and the kids to dine in there. Few tempting meals from the website are the Bak Kut Teh, braised pork, curry pork ribs, stewed pork ,chicken feet and they even have confinement menu included Black Bean Vinegar Trotters, Village Ginger Chicken, and my favourite Ginger rice. 

We reached early at 6.30pm and I was quite frustrated with their restaurant concept that air conditioning with the middle and side door open widely. As I step inside, the restaurant is stuffy and bad ventilation. Seated at the corner end, not feeling comfortable with small seats and space. We start sweating especially my kids and we quickly order our food.

Braised pork

Yam rice

Soup noodles

One of the highlights from the menu here - Stewed Testines . The taste is quite good, tender and flavorful

Bak kut teh for 2 person servings.Aromatic herb soups with pork meats, testines and pork ribs. I find it delicious with intense herbal flavour.Satisfying.

Taufu for the kids

Wine chicken with ginger

Simple long beans to balance up our meal

Overall the food is quite good with reasonable price but service is extremely slow and dining environment is airless. Perhaps I should  try the open air outlet at Segambut for my next visit.

Restoran Xan Ling
No Gerai No.9c, Jalan 9/38D, 
Taman Sri Sinar Segambut, 
51200 K.L.

 012-398 5391 (Mr Tan)

 Business Hour : 11am - 3pm / 5pm -11.30pm

Restoran Xan Ling

11A. Lorong Arfah 3 Jalan Segambut 51200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +6012-379 1549 / +6016-210 0826

Business Hour: 8.30am ~ 5.30pm

Website : http://www.xanlinghometown.com/