Minions Invasion @ Midvalley

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I was very excited for this school holiday because there are so many activities and events lining up for the kids.. and I am a happy mummy to bring them along to check out this awesome events..First is the MCDO happy meal offering Despicable Me ( I always called it banana) which my kids love it so much..they have everything in yellow (shirt,dress, pants, stationery's, bags, bottles, and etc) they just love the movie and they can watch it multiple times..can remember the songs and dialog as well.. How this movie influence them so much and when I talk about movies..I just get to know the Despicable Me will be in Cinema on 18 June 2015!..Can't wait to bring them to watch the movie together for the first time. Then, I receive an invitation for Disney Day Out @ Sunway Pyramid and I also saw Pavilion they have Spoonge many places to check it out!
As I browsing the web, I saw this advertisement Minions Invasion that will take place at Midvalley and I read through the details here: They have
-Exclusive Squishy Minion Redemption
-Meet & Greet
-Interact & #minionsmy
All are partnership with HSBC and Huawei Honor.So the advantage is all on HSBC card holders.Remember to tag along your HSBC credit card or you can apply on the spot.

I told my kids we are going to see minions and they woke up early, dress up with their minions shirt and we reach early at 10.30am. To my surprise, the center court is so crowded at this hour. We quickly snap the photos and take turns. The kids are pretty exciting and my boy keep touching the minions..I hope they won't fall down easily. So cute and lovely deco..with minions in the small gardens.

Love this trio

Chair settings for family photo session..Just need to be patient and wait for your turns..It does looks good when people start to queue them selves and kind people offering us to take pictures on behalf for family pictures..No pushing around and there are plenty of minions in every Don't will find at least a small minions for your photo shot

So many Minions merchandise display from Metrojaya

We waited a while for the Minions Character Greet and Meet session that happens at 1pm sharp. There are two queues in the line. On the right side is the priority lane for HSBC card holders and after they have finished their queue line, Those on the left (opens for public) can start taking pictures with the cute minions..All together three minions standing at the center and  we just watch them from Level kids enjoy the YMCA music and start shouting Banananannaannanaa!!!..Crazy crowd and the queue looks mess up.
 Another session will be at 4pm and 7pm and this all happens nice

We also spotted this Thomas and Friens photo booth at Level 1 (outside Toy's R us) - free taking photos and this photo will be input in their FB. So they also allowed us to take photos using our phones.

* first 3 photos credit to my friend (Michelle)

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