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First of all I would like to congratulate Travis for his new opening of BMon cafe along with his brother Roy at Kota Damansara. Glad to be here along with other foodies for the food sampling and Travis will introduce us their special Christmas menu tonight.  We drive 35 minutes to here from Setapak taking the DUKE highway smooth traffic passing by Sunway Giza and now I saw The Strand Mall (another new place that I never knew). BMon cafe strategically located opposite OCBC Bank and right beside Jojo Little Kitchen.We managed to find parking nearby and I saw Travis waving his hand to us..Noticeable chalkboard and the comic theme cute drawings on the wall draws my attention as I walk up using the staircase to Level 1. They impressed me much on the cartoon artwork and the entire cafe wall is hand drawn by Roy. 

Bmon is a character create by Roy with his own identity, Why Bmon?

Many people know DoraEmon and it is Roy's favourite cartoon character, so he create a character called Bmon. Bmon in chinese is (必梦), meaning everyone must have dream(s) to chase with, and achieve it.." Give you dreams the wing to fly, you have everything you need. If you just believe". What a nice quote!

The whole Design and environment is to come out a place for drawing artist to communicate and sharing their this cozy place. The facial expression from the drawing is so lively and have stories behind

The first thing my girl did is running towards this area with books and games section. Seats with cushion in a homey environment.

Aha..hubby favourite Doraemon.

Card games and books

We can queue here to place order and they will serve to your table. Estimated waiting time of 5-10 minutes for your order. All are prepared fresh from the kitchen

Clear menu to choose your favourite drinks

There are stories behind every wall painting.We observe this unique rectangle shape that represent the window, whereby we sitting there on the train scene and looking towards the window scenery. Did you notice there's a luggage bag there?

Charming and humble cafe with lovely decoration all over the place. Comfortable and quiet ambiance to chill out here. You can consider having a small birthday party or gathering session here as well.

Outdoor space

Bmon Cafe also selling some of their merchandise - TShirt, mugs, cards and etc

Set menu from 12pm to 3pm( Monday to Friday only). Students is entitle for 10 % discounts

Christmas is around the corner..Bmon cafe is having a Christmas activity. 

Step 1 : Prepare the Christmas gift,  

Step 2 : Pass the gift to the counter

Step 3 : Pick the present

Step 4 : On the 24 & 25 Dec 2014, open your present at Bmon Cafe

Step 5 : You are entitle for complimentary delicious Chocolate Mud Cake

Gingerbread Latte

Honey Milk 

Pour the sweet honey

BMON Plants RM 13 -Served with whipped cream, dark chocolate and mint leaves. Aromatic.. I like the taste

Hot Chocolate

 Affogato -serving of a single dose of espresso with the Vanilla Ice Cream

Iced green tea and mocha latte

 Fruit salad & Caesar salad (RM10.90) - We can choose from Tuna Mayo or Chicken Mayo served with fresh lettuce leaves, tomatoes, Pineapples, raisin, apples,strawberries, grapes, purple cabbage, croutons with fruity dressing. Delicious and refreshing fruit salad as starter.

All Day Breakfast. Rm16.90. Breakfast platter consists of Beef Bacon, Jumbo Sausage, Mushrooms, Eggs, Baked Beans, a piece of Hash Browns, Salads and two pieces of Toast Bread. Simple breakfast set, nothing to shout about.

Juicy Tuna Wrap with crispy french fries

Mushroom wrap  - Thin wrapped with 5 types of mushrooms fillings : button mushroom, golden needle mushroom , oyster mushroom , shitake mushroom and Portobello mushroom. Flavourful and I enjoy every single bite.
 Mushroom Vege Pizza (RM13.90) - Thin crust pizza layered with mushrooms. Both mushroom and hawaiian pizza are equally delicious.
Hawaiian Pizza (RM13.90)

Chicken Mayo Sandwich - Croissant bread with chicken mayo, fresh tomatoes and cucumber and two pieces of cheese. Quick and simple brunch for lunch or tea time.

Sandwich turkey ham RM 14.90
Next, Travis introduced us the Christmas drinks that they created. There are five new drinks and each have their very unique taste. I prefer the most - Ruby Mocha Iced. Delightful blends of the mocha drinks.

Lulu Berry

Lime Mojito - Soda, Lime and Mint 
Iced and hot Ruby Mocha

God Father Almond

Hey, this way please!
 Chicken Bolognese. RM 13.90.

Chicken Mushroom Carbonara. RM 13.90. Both classic pasta dish is comforting with charitable amount of the chicken meat and mushroom. However, the pasta texture is overcooked.

Hippo In A Pool. RM 14.90.  The best item of the day. This is BMon signature food and their very own creation of mashed potato. If you look closer, this is actually a seahorse design.  I love how this food is presented especially when pouring the cheese on top of those fluffy mashed potato. Perfect combination of fresh mashed potato croquette, two hard boiled egg, sweet corns, pieces of ham,crunchy croquettes and salad. These are very Palatable!
Waffle loaded with Chocolate Ice Cream, Sweet strawberies and slices of Bananas. RM12.90.  Golden brown waffle that are perfectly done, with fresh toppings. One of my favourite for tonights menu that gives me the Wow Factor.

Chocolate Mud with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. RM10. You must try this! Special Homemade vanilla ice cream served with rich chocolate mud. The vanilla ice cream is yellow colour. I have ask Travis two times. Yes it is yellow colour vanilla.  

Each table have this cute small card where you can leave a message or your creativity to draw a cartoon character to hang over here. 

Overall, I enjoy the sumptuos food in a cozy cafe that is value for money. There is no government tax and service charge. All price shown is nett price. 

BMon Cafe

No. 8-1, Jalan PJU 5/20b,
The Strand Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya
(opposite to OCBC or right beside Jojo Little Kitchen)

Tel :  03-6158 9993
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm (Daily)

Facebook :



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