Sweet Hut @ Kuchai Lama

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The name “Sweet Hut” is come from the homonyms of “Sweet Heart”. By using the name, they are trying to tell everyone that this shop is filled with desserts by the word Sweet and also a lovely and comfortable ambiance that cover with “Hearts” which is suitable for couples and desserts lover. Agree with the definition from Sweet Hut cafe that we can indulge in many kinds of sweet desserts that can satisfy my palate. 

From an experience chef from Hong Kong, Sweet Hut have their very own creation of desserts. Sweet hut is located at Kuchai Lama, very hectic to find a parking here. Excited for the first event organized by Open Snap ( a new Apps) that I have just joined in last month and discover there are so much fun posting my food photos in this applications. We have been invited to attend this private food tasting session to sample almost 10 desserts!

The open snaps users are invited for this event. I was late and everyone is waiting..Opss..everyone is ONTIME! Have make the wrong turn and we have to drive long way to get back to Kuchai here..Arghh..yaya should have gone out earlier to figure out this place.  Honestly, I have tried Sweet Hut at Midvalley and Time Square before , but as far as I remember, the desserts is just average and not impressive me much. As I flip on their menu, they have more varieties now and new creation on the desserts as well.

Array of cakes and desserts available

Outdoor seats

The excitement continues with the surprised contest by Open Snap. They require us to form a group of 2 and start taking food photos up to 150 photos for the one month duration to win RM 150 cash!.  We started off the food tasting with Yam balls and continue with the cold desserts.

American Chicken Sandwich. Tasteless and the texture is hard. Probably because they need to prepare for 30 customers and the cheese is no longer fresh served.

Egg tart

Complimentary drinking water

New promotions on their burger set
Sweet hut caramel pudding - Taste good with right balance of the sweetness. Hit the top notch of the day. My girls finished it all!!

Mango with Sago Pomelo Soup and Soft Grass Jelly. My favourite among all.

Mango Pancake

Durian Pancake
Both pancake are pretty decent and nothing much to shout about. Too much of cream rather than the filling of mango and durian.
Fresh Milk Oreo Crunch Snow Ice with Caramel Pudding .Amaze by the presentation of the desserts. Well shredded  ice with milk and oreo flakes

Baked Marquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice-Cream. Disappoint with the chocolate lava..i am expecting the melt chocolate lava will flow out.

Coconut pudding with lychee pudding . Smooth, silky flavour with aroma of the coconut. We really have so many desserts that I have forgotten the food name as well. Overall, the desserts is good but service should be improve on.

Always my best food commentator. Great to have these desserts on humid days.

Nice gathering session with opensnappers. We really have fun and mingle around making new friends while enjoying the desserts.

Sweet Hut
19-G,Kuchai Dynasty Central,
Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200, Kuala Lumpur.
03-7971 4701
(Same Row With PapaRich)

Tel : Phone: 03-7971 4701

Mon - Sun12:00 - 01:00